September 17, 2009

Writer’s Workshop – What Message Would You Craft?

Another post inspired by Mama Kat and her weekly prompts.  Hop on over and join in the fun.  This week I’ve chosen number 2; What’s the message you would craft.

As we all know – I have much to say to many different people.  So the problem here will be limiting myself to just one or two (maybe four or five) messages.

Dear Obnoxious Co-Worker -

In the name of all that is holy – COVER your mouth when you sneeze.  You do realize that there is that whole H1N1 thing going around, don’t you?  And it’s not like you only sneeze once in a blue moon – it’s all the darn time.  Maybe you should have that checked out.  And by the way, you should really lower your voice.  You work far, far down the hall and around the corner – but yet I can still hear your private, personal phone conversations.  And I really,really don’t want to know all the details.  Thank you.

Dear Man-Child -

I’ve asked you nicely at least once every day this past week – to please pick up all your crap stuff out of the mudroom.  (And it still hasn’t been explained to me why there are clothes in there.  I can only assume that you walk in the door and strip down immediately leaving everything where it falls.  This makes no sense to me.)  It hasn’t been done.  I’m also not real thrilled with the fact that instead of putting your clothes in the hamper that is located in your room, that you are dropping them on the floor, in front of the door, in the laundry room.  Seems to me that it takes way more exertion to walk down the hall to drop the clothes than it would be to just put them in the hamper.  I can only assume that you are doing these things to see just how much I can take before I running screaming like a mad woman out the door.  But, here’s the thing, are you sure that is what will happen?  I mean instead I could just go crazy on you.  That wouldn’t be pretty.

Lots of love, Mom

Dear Hubby -

I love you so much; I really do.  But quit lecturing me.  I am an adult –your wife; not your child.  And besides – you need to look at your behaviors before you start to lecture me.  People in glass houses you know.  Oh and by the way – get on the ball already and build that damn shed.  Winter is on its way, and I want to be able to park in the garage.

Lots of love, Me

Dear Lottery Gods -

I really, really need to win.  Show me some mercy.


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