September 18, 2009

First Girlfriend

I suppose enough time has passed that I can share with you Man-Child's first girlfriend story.

Only my child could end up with a girlfriend at least three states away (depending on which way you go).

Yup, you read that right - three states away.

How did this come about you ask?  Well, let me tell you. (Sit back and relax it's a long story)

It all started with a class trip to D.C.  at the end of 8th grade.  A class trip that he begged us not to attend.  Which was a waste of his time, as the administration had decided that parents shouldn't go on this trip as part of it was to teach them some independence before they hit high school.  So only teachers and administrators were chaperoning, which I guess led to him being a bit more outgoing than he would have been if a watchful parent had been along.

Anyway, apparently Little Miss Hot Chick caught his eye.  She was there on her own class trip.  They exchanged cell numbers and thanks to modern technology kept in touch.  Luckily, she was on the same plan - because believe you me that relationship would have ended ASAP if we'd received a large bill.

We, the parents, of course had no idea about this relationship as Man-Child kept it from us for months! 

Once we did learn of it we didn't think much of it.  I mean really??  She lives many, many, many miles away.  What could come of it?  We figured that they were more friends than anything.

As last Christmas approached, I asked Man-Child what he wanted.  He hemmed and hawed.  Finally, he said he would like to go to her state for Christmas.  WTF???  Absolutely not.  Particularly without parental supervision.

Being the child he is with an ever-ready answer to everything; her parents would supervise and he could stay at their house.  OVER MY DEAD BODY.  Did he really think I was born yesterday?

In the end, we compromised.  Mainly because my husband who spoils the shit out of his son loves his son so much he can hardly say no, intervened.  I agreed to take M-C to visit.  And we would stay at a hotel.  As happy as this made him, I kinda regret it as I am sure it just encouraged the relationship.  But, that is all he asked for.  I reminded him repeatedly, that my parents would have never done this for me.  And, most parents, I know wouldn't have done it either.  I do have to admit - he was very appreciative. 

We had a nice visit.  LMHC seemed to be a nice girl; if not a little needy.  Her family was very nice and ensured that we had a nice visit.  And we came home.

I figured surely this would fizzle sooner rather than later.  I mean come on.  What high school girl doesn't want to have her boyfriend right there?  To go to the movies, dances, etc.

As Spring Break approached, M-C started dropping hints.  During Spring Break M-C and I usually take a trip - just the two of us for some mom/son time.  I guess he figured maybe I'd be willing.  Maybe we could go there.  Maybe we could meet them in South Carolina at Myrtle Beach.  Luckily, Hubby saved me this time.  He had decided that we should go see his mother over the Easter holiday.  Fine by me.

Then they had a spat.  Over what, I'm not quite sure.  Something to do with some guy's picture on her Facebook.  They broke up.  M-C woke Hubby up in the middle of the night to discuss.  M-C has a very black and white outlook on things.  It was over.

Of course, by the next morning they were back together.  I was crushed.  Summer was looming.  I knew the hints would start dropping.  I was utterly astounded that her parents hadn't put a stop to this.  They were willing to work their family vacation around ours.  Really??

So for a couple more months this went on.  Needless to say I was getting quite exasperated.  This was getting quite ridiculous.  M-C wasn't meeting anyone (girls) in the area.  He wasn't socializing.  He was always on the damn phone texting with this girl.  I bit my tongue.

At the beginning of summer, LMHC had to have some kind of surgery.  So no talk of meeting up. 

July 4th weekend, M-C and I went to lunch.  I have a very firm rule, no phone conversations or texting at a meal.  You are to pay attention to the person(s) you are with.  His phone went off.  He apologized.  He told me he was sorry and was telling her that he was at lunch.  It went off again.  Again, he apologized.  It went off again.  He was very irritated.  I said, why not just ignore it.  He, in a very irriated way, informed me that she would get mad.  Well, excuse me.  Who the hell does she think she is?  Finally, she seemed to get the message.

They began to talk about visiting Myrtle Beach and wondering if we would meet them there.  For a week.  I said no flat out.  I said it was far too expensive.  Then they came back and said they could visit Asheville which is much closer and not as expensive.  Needless to say, I was in a quandry.  What to do?  Obviously, her parents weren't going to balk at a visit.  It was obvious that the children ruled that household.

I could be the total bee-atch and quash it.  Or not. 

Then the football schedule came out.  ::the angels began to sing::  Apparently, the week she was trying so very hard to schedule for a visit also involved the first practice before the scrimmage game.  If he wasn't there then he couldn't play in the scrimmage.  If he didn't play in the scrimmage he wouldn't get to play in the first real game.  If I haven't mentioned it before, M-C loves him some football.  There was no way in holy hell that he wasn't playing.  And apparently, loves football much more than LMHC.  So . . .

He called it off.  All on his own. 

He tried to let her down easy.  And he told her all the things we, and his friends, had been telling him.  He told her it was over; that this was ridiculous trying to have a long distance relationship, especially so young.  She asked if they could still be friends.  He said no.  Because he realized that if that were the case, he'd be sucked right back in.  He totally cut ties with her.  Even de-friended her on Facebook.  (I told you he was a black and white kinda kid.)  He then woke hubby up in the middle of the night (again) to discuss.  At least he feels he can talk to us - which is a big plus.

To this day he hasn't had any contact with her.  Hopefully, she's moved on.  He has.   And one day soon, he'll meet a girl that lives in the same area.


And once again, I'll have to deal with being the second best girl in his life.


  1. That was a very long story...and to be honest, I didn't read it. I have ADD.

    I see you have 4 of my Followers that have joined your Tell-it-like-it-is Blog.

    Damn, I'm Good!

  2. Yes, Blasé, you are that good. Too bad you couldn't read the whole thing. It's a good story.

  3. Oh he sounds so lovely and mature. And yes what indulgent parents the girl has! Ridiculous at such a young age.
    I wish my son would talk to me like that, he's a very private boy, a worry.

  4. Wow... you handled it SO much better than I would have. I'm SO not ready for the first girlfriend. I don't even like to think about it!!!