September 13, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football??

No. Most definitely not. My two guys (Man-Child and hubby) live, eat and breathe football. Whether it is football season or not. During the off-season they talk about the possibilities of the up-coming season. They talk about stats. They talk about this player or that. They talk about trades.

During football season . . . well, I might as well not even exist.

Although, I do a LOT of shopping during football season that doesn't fall under hubby's radar. So that's a plus.

But football season can be kinda lonely.

Take today, for instance, the first day of the season. I don't think anyone has spoken to me directly. Oh well, except for the moment when Man-Child declared excitedly to me, "Mom! The Giants won!" Hooray. All that means to me is that the boys in my house will be in a good mood.

I am most definitely uber-sports mom when Man-Child is playing; otherwise, I couldn't care less.

I could probably even deal with football, if it weren't for the annoying announcers - emmm, probably not. I can never keep up with where the ball is actually. And I really don't care.

So in the meantime, I am currently planning for my "Hooray, football is over" party to take place right after the Super Bowl - some four or five months from now. It will be spectacular!


  1. I am so thankful that the honey doesn't do football.
    However he does hunting. So that means the tv is turned to animals being murdered.
    Maybe football would be better!

  2. Oh me too, I can't bear it! Except when my boys are playing. I can't even stand the cheering annoying. What a grump I am. ;0)