September 14, 2009

Sportsmanship and listening to your mom

Okay, I get it. Football is a competitive sport. I know this. But, really?? Where is the sportsmanship?

So far, our jv team has not done well. In fact it's been pretty bad. Granted, it's only been three games - but . . . oh my what games.

Last week, we were the visitors. Needless to say, the visitor side was pretty sparse, as the game was nearly an hour away from the school. The home side was pretty packed, as expected. What was not expected was the entire varsity team sitting over there jeering and yelling and being obnoxious.

At first, I thought it was just the mom in me. But later, hubby confided that he too thought they were obnoxious and annoying - and was extremely irritated with their behavior. Particularly since we were losing so spectacularly.

Yes, we holler for our team. Yes, we tell them to "take him down." But we never get ugly or obnoxious. And, if we are winning by an extremely wide margin - we don't go the extra mile to shove their faces in it.

But karma has a way of coming around to bite you in the butt. Our varsity team took to the field opposing their varsity team. The same yahoos that were acting out. We totally creamed them. Take that you little snots. I wasn't there - but Man-Child and hubby were and they were thrilled to say the least.

But where were the coaches? The parents? I mean come on. It's a game. It doesn't need to be that vicious at this level. If I were to catch my son behaving in this manner - well, suffice it to say, it wouldn't happen again.

On a happy note; it appears that Man-Child may actually be listening to me after all. He and hubby were discussing the team; of course. Hubby said that this was a young team and they would need to build. M-C told him, astutely, that there was no chemistry in this team. That there was constant arguing in the huddle, etc. He told them - you don't have to like each other - but we have to work together for the time being. My words. Repeated. Almost verbatim.

I have told him the same thing whenever he runs into teachers or people that he doesn't care for. You have to deal with them; you may not like them - but you have to deal and work together.

What a proud moment for me. He does listen!! Yay.

And hopefully our team will improve as the season goes on - because otherwise, it will long, quiet rides back to the house. M-C has such high expectations for himself and his team. Which is good in one way, bad in another.

I've told him - as long as you've done the best you can - then you should be proud. Do you think that lesson has sunk in? I certainly hope so.

P.S. - Coaches?? Really?? If even I can see that you keep repeating the same play over and over - don't you think the opposition can see it too?? I'm just saying . . .

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