September 16, 2009

WTH Jimmy Carter?

I truly must stop watching and reading the news. I really must, for my own sanity.

There is, daily, at least one story that makes me stop and say "What the hell?"

Apparently, Jimmy Carter (former President) is blathering on and on that everyone who disagrees with Obama's policies are racist.

Yes, you read that right.

If you disagree with anything Obama says - Jimmy Carter says you are a racist.

This is without a doubt the most stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Yes, there are racists out there (unfortunately) who will disagree with Obama if he were to say the sky was blue. But I think by and large those who disagree with his policies or opinions or - what have you - are not racist.

As hubby says, this is not the way to move this country forward.

Yes, this country is deeply divided over some of the current issues facing us today (war, health care - just to name a few). But to throw race into this? It's totally ridiculous.

And how does it make us look as a country? Stupid.

Obviously, race wasn't/isn't a factor. He won. Plain and simple. He worked hard on his campaign and he won. If race was a factor he wouldn't have - easy peasy.

Whether or not you agree or not is your prerogative - but don't use race as a factor - because it's not the case (at least for most people I know and shouldn't be anyway).

What are statements like this teaching our children? The innocents who are born loving everyone? It only teaches divisiveness and isn't that what we are all trying to avoid?

So basically, I'm saying - "Shut up, Mr. Carter and go home. You aren't helping."

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