September 16, 2009

Meeting New People

So my new friend, Blasé, just dedicated a whole post just to me. Awww, shucks. ::blushing::

He seems to be a really nice guy (hopefully he's not some kind of weirdo stalker or anything - especially since he lives in the same damn state that I do. . . ). So I suggest that you go check out his blog.

But - be warned. He's not a soft, teddy bear kind of blogger (at least not on the outside - on the inside I bet he's a freakin' marshmellow). He tells it like it is (in his opinion). He shoots from the hip and is very straight-forward. And he's funny.

He seems to have an inordinate amount of women that follow his blog (wonder how his wife feels about that?) which is rather surprising and isn't - considering that it seems like (at least in my experience) most bloggers are women (read: moms) - but then again that's how I got into this (the whole mom-thing). But you start off in one section and then find yourself down a totally different path - and meeting new friends along the way.

So, thank you Blasé - for your post and your friendship (just don't turn out to be some weirdo, stalker kind of person).


  1. Followed the linky from Blasé's blog...

    I fully believe he is a weirdo (in a good way) and not the weird, creepy stalker sort of way.

    Blasé and I don't always see eye to eye but manage to keep our mouths shut (pretty much) when that happens.

    Looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. ..someone hand me a tissue

    I can't ease your mind about the "weirdo" trait, but I'm just too damn tired all the time to be stalking matter how pretty their smile is.

    My wife is the one who got me to blogging. She likes all the women flirting with me because she knows she is the one I'll be coming home with...or something like that.

    Me and MsDarkstar would do well together with make-up sex!

  3. Sugar and spice he ain't.
    Brutally honest? you bet.