September 8, 2009

What Would You Do?

So, I have this friend (yes, really. It's not me. Because I know how I'd react) - whose 15 year old son bascially told her this on Sunday:

That from here on out he would be coming and going as he pleases.
That letting her know where he is and when he'd be coming home is too restrictive.

I say "basically" because after these two my mind went a little crazy and I can't remember all the other bullshit he told her.

You've heard me speak of her before - she's the single mom who is way too lenient on her kids.

My first thought would have been to stop the car and began beating him. My second thought would have been to stop the car and tell him to get out. If he can't respect me or the rules of my household - just get out. I seriously think this would have cured him immediately.

I was in total shock. I couldn't believe 1) that he actually said this to her and 2) that he would think she is too restrictive. She doesn't even give the little brat a curfew! Believe me, his life would be totally different if he lived here.

I told her to give him Man-Child's number so he could get a different perspective on "restrictive."

Hubby suggested that 1) she tell him that if he can't follow her rules then he needs to go live with his father (which I think is absolutely brilliant since he and his father don't even talk!) and 2) if she didn't want to do that then he would absolutely go to her house and talk to the heathen himself (and he's never even met the child).

So, in this scenario, what would you do? I'm just curious to see what you all have to say.

**I've had to come back and add more - because this just incensed me to no end - that I simply cannot stop thinking about it.

If this little (I hate to say it but . . .) shit lived in my house . . . OMG. Life for him would be total hell. Come to think of it, I'm ready to start a boot camp for several children of people I know.

I realize I am not the **perfect** parent - but come on. Really? Where are we as a society when our children think that they can get away with things like this?

Man-Child knows. Oh, he knows. Since he was a baby, I would point out inappropriate behaviors and ask him - "What would happen if you tried to pull that?" And he knew the answer - immediately. In fact, there were times when he'd point out inappropriate behaviors to me and inform me what would happen if he'd tried to pull that. And you can bet that when I relay this story to him that his eyes will get big and he will think of what the consequences for him would have been if he tried to pull it.

Come on people. Man up (as they say) and be a parent. Children do NOT rule the household. No, it is not easy to be tough on your children - but you do it FOR your children. So that they will be an asset to society - not a liability.

Okay - second time today I'm climbing down from my soapbox. Whew, I'm getting tired - it's almost like exercise. I'll try not to come back and rant some more. I'll let you all do it now.


  1. What would I do? I can't think straight right now because I'm seeing RED. OMG!

  2. I would like to think I would take the tough love approach. you can't let a 15 year old rule the roost. It would be my way or loss of all privlidges. Money, car, clothing allowances, computer. I'd nail him with everything I had and hope he saw the light. In short, I'd go all Dr.Phil on his ass.

  3. Oh, boy. Now, I'm considered lenient - even my OWN teenager would say so. BUT... and that but is huge, there are rules. And his ass WILL follow them. As long as he does so, he will have freedoms and privileges. Break a rule? Your ass is going to be living in misery for a LONG time, boy.
    He may be bigger than me, but the boy knows that mama can swing a bat. Or a curling iron... or, whatever happens to be handy.

  4. Oh Kelly - you must be my twin!! I agree, no matter how big they get - mama ALWAYS wins.