September 12, 2009

He's So Curious

Ah Man-Child. He is so darn curious about this blog. It's driving him crazy.

That may be one of the reasons I'm keeping it to myself (ha-ha).

He came up behind me earlier as I reading another blog - and said is that yours?

Me: Nope.

M-C: Whose is it?

Me: Just a blog I read.

M-C: Well, who these people (reading off some names)?

Me: Her children.

M-C: Well, what kind of names are those? (they were the names of cartoon characters)

Me: Made up ones, because people try to protect their identities.

M-C: What name do you use for me?

Me: Man-Child.

M-C: I don't like that; I think of myself more as a James.

The questions went on and on. So, why do I keep this little blog to myself? It's not like I'm spilling any deep, dark secrets here.

Why? Because it's mine. Mine, all mine. Here is a safe, fun place to let it all out. Whether it is complaining about them, work or other people. It is a great place to talk to someone who understands, about my shoe obsession. To brag on M-C; to bitch about my husband. Whatever it is that I have to say - I can say it here.

I don't have to censor myself while worrying what so and so might think. Or worry if they read it if it might hurt their feelings. This is why I keep it to myself. That and the fact it drives M-C crazy.

But having the ego of a teenager; he's completely convinced it's all about him and that I must be telling y'all all kinds of things. So if you ever meet him and he asks you - just smile a secretive smile. It will drive him wild. Yeah, I'm kinda mean like that.

But once M-C discovered that I'm in contact with people "across the pond" he badgered me to no end. He wants to know whether or not the water in your toilets goes down the same way ours does; or if it's opposite. The way you drive on the other side of the road. ::sigh:: So if anyone has an answer for him; please let me know. I told you he was curious - and not just about this blog.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation of the magazine. I am going to go find one today!
    And my blog is mine. I don't want family to read it. They just wouldn't understand how weird I really am lol