September 3, 2009

I’m NOT a dog-hater, really . . .

Before you even begin to judge me.  I did not grow up with pets.  Any pets that we may have had (by total accident – including a duck) were kept outside. 

As a result, as a small child I was terrified (yes, totally and completely terrified) of dogs (and ducks).

Today, as an adult, I am tolerant of most dogs (as long as they don’t sniff my crotch and are, relatively, quiet).

BUT . . . my neighbor’s dog is about to drive me completely insane!!!

When we built our house I was ecstatic.  We have this wonderful screened-in back porch that I can utilize for most of the year.  I’m out here all the time (as I am now). 

Unfortunately for me, the neighbors have this dog.  This very, very cute dog.  Who cannot shut up for one freakin’ minute (as I type he is yapping his fool head off!). 

I have timed how long that damn dog can yap.  It’s gone on and on interminably. 

Finally, it comes to the neighbor’s notice that the dog is now hoarse from all the damn yapping.  So then, not only do I hear the dog – I hear the owners.  Yelling at the dog.  Non-freaking-stop.

And this, my friends, is how I enjoy my evenings on my lovely screened-in porch. 

Pray for me.

Maybe I should get an iPod and keep those earbuds in the whole time I’m out here??  Would that help???



PS – I think Hubby is intentionally drinking all my wine.  Which would definitely help drown out the yapping . . . again, I think he is trying to kill me by omission.


  1. Dog barking is a form of torture isn't it......thankfully none of our dogs have ever been barkers, think they know they'll be out if they were. I live in the middle of nowhere but can still hear a dog barking constantly- if I owned a gun I think I would have shot it by now.

  2. I hoping that this particular dog is just a puppy and that he/she will quiet down with age. I haven't heard too much of it in the last couple of days, thank goodness.