September 3, 2009

She makes me wonder . . .

I mentioned a woman in my previous post that wears winter clothing in the dead of summer.  And who won’t look people in the eye.  I know there is a story there.  But I don’t think we’ll ever get it.

She’s seems to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Every morning she comes in and disinfects her desk.  She washes her hands more frequently and more thoroughly than a brain surgeon.  She refuses to take a cup from the stack next to the coffee pot.  She must get a un-opened sleeve; open it and take one from the middle. 

When she gets a snack from the vending machine – to put in the above-mentioned cup – she will open it, put the snack in the cup and then wash her hands (because she’s touched the vending machine, money & the snack bag).

She has repeatedly refused to give her address and phone number to anyone in the department (we have an open list for emergencies, Christmas cards, etc.).  No one even has an idea about what area she might live in.  Once we finally convinced her to give an address - she gave a PO Box.  Still, no phone number.  Once she was out for several days due to a bad fall – no one – not even her boss – could call to see how she was doing.

I realize that it is her prerogative to wear what she wants, and to disinfect everything in sight if she so desires and to keep to herself and her private life private.  That’s her right.

But it has to make one wonder.  Is she in the witness protection program?  Is she running from the law?  Is she hiding from an abusive ex-husband ala Sleeping With the Enemy?  Is she a serial-killer?  And after she is caught, we will all say “But she was so quiet!” 

So, in the meantime, I’ll just keep my eye on her.  Cause you just never know – those quiet ones are the ones you gotta worry about. . .

See what happens when you have an over-active imagination and a slow day??


  1. ooooo- how intriguing, does she not talk to anyone about her personal life. Yes I too would be imagining all sorts. Can't you befriend her? We want to know more. ;0)

  2. How can I befriend her if she won't even look me in the eye? There something shady going on there, I'm telling you!

  3. Not her a coffee? Invite her out for lunch? Come on!! We want to know her story! ;0)