September 15, 2009

Award Time.

So, Blasé, over at Think and Laugh, not necessarily in that order, was complaining today about how we (women) are constantly sending and oohhhing and ahhing over blog awards.

Well, since Blasé is pretty cool I thought I'd honor him with his own award. Blasé, you are the very proud recipient of the

Now, since I’m making this up as I go along – here are the rules.

1.  You MUST display this award on your site – even if it is pink.  You’ll get over it.

2. You must pass this award on to at least three blogs that you think are rockin’.

That’s about it.  Congratulations Blasé!!  Go forth and spread the joy.


  1. Thanks so much. You are precious! I have a Blog devoted to YOU here shortly...

  2. To me?? Oh my. This I have to see.

  3. oooo- you made an award! Hehe....I'm going to go and look at the blog when I finish reading ALL your posts that I have missed, I can't keep idea when you find the time to work too. ;0)