January 9, 2010

Wrap up for the week.....(kinda)

Yes, I've been fairly quiet this week.

Why (you all ask with bated breath)?

I've truly had nothing to say (shocker .... I know!)

Not too terribly much to complain about (which is my forte`....) except for the cold (the freaking COLD which will NOT go away!!! As I type this I am sitting here in long johns with sweats over them and wrapped in a blanket and this is INSIDE the house - this is because I live with men who are constantly hot and do not understand how I could possibly be so cold!) and who wants to hear about that (especially those that are in much colder climates; as it seems many of you are?)

Not too terribly much to brag about (except for that fabulous pair of purple suede boots that I totally scored on......sorry, no picture - simply because I'm feeling lazy!)

Can't tell you how much I've accomplished in the area of projects - because absolutely nothing has been accomplished (except for adding more to the damn list.....).

So what else is there?  Hmmmm, not to much else to chat about.

I could talk about the friend whose child needs to come live with me for a few weeks (to straighten his little "entitled" butt out).  Or about another friend and her marriage (I love her and her husband - BUT he should fall to his knees every night and thank GOD that he's not married to someone like me....).  Or about the office politics ('cause really?  Grow up folks!).  But really?  Am just not feeling it.  Every night about this time I come up with a subject that could be slightly interesting to you; but I just can't get it to work (and believe me - I've tried!).

I so don't want you to say to yourself - "ehh, she has nothing to say - I think I'll move on."  Cause really?  I have plenty to say.  Just not right now.

But in the meantime; I have been reading your blogs though (what an industrious group you are!!) (and yes, I know I am not good at comments - am working on that!!!  Promise!) and have noticed that some of you seem to having a hard time right now (know that I'm thinking of you all daily!!!), some of you are just going through the daily grind (thinking of you too) and for some of you things are going well (you too are in my thoughts).

I think maybe all this cold has frozen my brain.  Really!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  1. With a cold and chills, the best you can do is drink hot beverages and stay in bed. Works for me.

  2. Yea, it's 7 right now here in TN. Freaking 7!!!! This is the coldest it's been since I moved here in '93. Global Warming my ass.

    Hope you have a warmer night!

  3. LV? Unfortunately I don't care for warm wine...

    Bina? Seriously? Yeah this cold HAS to go...& go now!

  4. Whenever you blog, however much or less, I read it.

  5. Gigi .. Hi its just nice to know you are still out there :) I have not blogged for ages .. going tot replace Macbook .. cannot survive without one.. Huge expense but worth it x

  6. and there's me thinking you'd be really busy and productive back in work!!
    Look the coldest place in Wales yesterday is 7 miles east from here and it was -13 so please its damn cold.
    All for layers me.. carry on!

  7. I know exactly what you mean......it will come back. Sounds interesting looking after your friend's child. Could make for exciting posts...hehe. I think you could set up a child boot camp, get all our children into shape!! ;0)
    Glad you are okay. xx

  8. I HATE cold weather. Have not left my house since Friday...it's only 36 degrees here, but for a Miami girl, that is FREEZING! P.S. Shout out to you on my blog, by the way.

  9. Don't know where you are in NC but I'm Cold in the RTP area!! Can't wait for spring or at least Snow so I don't have to go to work!!

  10. Nice to see you back! I sort of got used to 2 & 3 posts a day from you, so I was getting a little concerned that maybe you'd got lost in your lovely stripey closet, or trapped under a mountain of hubbies hoard of pasta!! Brrrrr...so true...so cold! At present I'm wearing leggings, woolly socks, fluffy slippers, long t-shirt and a knitted cardigan and I'm STILL cold. But of course OH just keeps saying 'Im not cold?! The heating IS on'.