January 4, 2010

First day back to work.....is it Friday yet??

It's been odd.  We all went back to our regular routines - except we were all a little late because we had gotten used to being ..... shall we say, for lack of a better term ..... lazy! 
Yes, getting out of the house was a small problem this morning.  and if the truth be told....Man-Child wasn't the hold up.  It was ME!  Sssh!  Don't tell!!

The first day back was pretty much what I expected.  The catching up.  The emails! (oh my hell!  The emails!!!)  The paperwork that piled up. 

It was fairly busy.  I barely even had time to check in on you guys!  Didn't even have time to comment (but since I'm already a bad commenter -  you probably didn't even notice... but if - by some miracle you did....I'm sorry!!)

I mentioned to a few co-workers that I had seriously contemplated calling in sick today.  This comment was met with (and I quote!) "That would have necessitated a drive out to your house - to assess the situation and make sure you were really sick."  Oh, thanks guys!  I'm sure that would have been done out of love (and not jealousy that I had the nerve to do so...).

So the first day back is over.  Yay!  That means tomorrow should be easier.....right???? (Damn well better be.  This returning to work needs to be EASED into.....)

In other news....

Thank you so much for all for your comments on yesterday's post.  Sometimes I need to be reminded that I'm not alone on the "teenage train." (especially as most of my "real-life" friends (read "not my blog-buds!) only have small ones (and have no IDEA of what they are in for!:: insert wicked laugh here::  They have no idea!)).

Man-Child and I have "kissed and made up" but I think he is more aware of just how fragile his mom can be....(yeah, that mom - the one who can be a real hard-ass....she still has feelings you know....)  he's been extra sweet these past couple of days.....

New computer and I are bonding.  But there are issues.  I have spent approximately 2 hours this evening trying to connect the printer.  NOT HAPPENING!!!  At this point, I'm seriously ready to chuck this completely fine printer and buy a new one - just to avoid the aggravation.

This cold weather we are having?  Ummmm - it needs to go!  I'm tired of being cold!  Period.  Mother-Nature?  Get with the program here!  I live in the South!  That means I should not be constantly cold for any length of time!!  Do something about it already!! 

Other than that - not too much to say (lol - who am I kidding?  I have plenty to say - even if it's just a bunch of nothing.....).  Hope your week is great!!!

Is it Friday yet???

P.S. - Gayle (and others...)?  I've responded to a few of your comments via email - I need to know ('cause I'm nosy that way)...are you receiving them?  If not, I need to know so I can figure that out.....


  1. O.k. it's hard, and we understand. Besides, this weather is crappy everywhere except where I am. Not cold, not wet. But brilliantly sunny in the high fifties, when the usual temp should be in the 40's.

    See? I understand your frustration. Hope your Friday comes quickly.

  2. Hope work isn't too bad! If it is, throw a sickie anyway and barricade yourself in :)
    The thought of a day in an office, away from nappies and crying really appeals at the moment!

  3. It is feckin freezin here and I so long to be back in bed.

  4. Girl, I hated coming back to work, too! And I wanted to take Monday off SO BAD! I mean, ONE more day couldn't hurt, right?

    But, I was good and came in anyway.

    Does your new computer have Windows 7? I heard that a lot of printers and stuff aren't compatible with 7, but you can download a patch that supposedly helps.

  5. Oh, the Monday-after-the-2-weeks-off-for-the-Holidays blues....it's not pretty....nope, not pretty at all.

    And don't-cha just loooove the email pile-up? It's almost not worth the vaca...there should be some way to tell the work computer to reject all work when you're not there!

    We'll call it: "Rejectamail"!

  6. I too started back yesterday and here it is Tuesday at 10:3pm and I am still so behind!! Let's just retire.!! After 2 weeks off, I sure didn't want to go back. Thanks yes, I got your email but couldn't figure out to email you back ...for some reason it didn't go...Thank you Thank you


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