January 10, 2010

Still not feeling it - but here goes anyway

I've decided to just blog - something is bound to come out if I just keep typing .... right? 

Anyway, today I'm going to tell you that I bought this with a gift card from Christmas:

Can I tell you?  I haven't been this excited about a book in a while.  I love to read.  But lately?  Haven't come across anything that made me look forward to finding a few minutes (or God willing! a few hours!) to sit and read.

I am a loooooong time Stephen King fan.  And this one?  So far is not disappointing. But it's HUGE.  A whopping 1074 pages long (that includes the author's note).  The problem with a book this big?  Too many characters (I keep getting them confused).  Luckily, dear Stephen is killing off characters right and left - so maybe by the end I'll only have a few to keep straight.

Also (as Man-Child has pointed out on many occasions) I read too fast and don't savor the books (yes, that is a quote from my child - how many teens do you know that would put it that way?  Hmmmm; maybe he is my child after all.....).  This is true; which leads to me missing out on some key things.   It also ensures that (usually) after I've moved on to another book - I kind of completely forget about what I've just read.  Hmmmm; pretty much means I don't have a future in a book-club....because, seriously?  There would be no way I could possibly discuss what I've read (particularly if I've read something else after reading the appointed book - which I totally would - I know me too well.).

There have been many discussions that have gone kinda like this: 

Friend:  "have you read xyz?"

Me:  "no, what's it about?"

Friend: "It's about this man who everyone thinks killed his wife; but then it turns out that she went undercover to save her marriage, the nation and the world."

Me:  "WOW!  That sounds great!  Can I borrow it?"  and then I get home and open the book excitedly, only to realize after reading the first page - that I read this book last month!!!

But usually, I will forge ahead and read it anyway; mainly because I have to have something to read and because I've forgotten the ending (which is understandable since I've read approximately 6-10 books in the interim).

But this book may have the ability to stick with me for a while (kinda like Precious did - which totally, totally killed me; almost no way I can see the movie now - too devastating).  I've only just begun (am only on page 287) but so far I can heartily recommend it; if you've the fortitude to face 1074 pages and many, many characters.

Have got to give Stephen kudos - I can kinda get how he gets is ideas.  But to put them into some kind of order; create characters, a plot, sub-plots and come up with a gigantic book?  And to make it into the kind of book that I can't wait to get back to?  That rocks.  Big time.

Other than that - it's still cold (yes, I know that some of you are much, much, much colder - but come on - cut me some slack!  Here in the South we aren't used to this kind of weather on a daily, much less weekly!, basis!) but good news!  The weatherman (if he can be believed) informed me that on Wednesday we could be looking at highs in the 50's!!  Whoo-hooo!  Maybe I'll be able to feel my toes again.....


  1. See I knew it wasn't just me!!!
    I even read a book that I'd given to my husband last night whilst on the loo!!!

  2. I bought that book for my dad's Christmas. I can read fast too but I often re read mine if I enjoy them. Have you read the new Audrey Niffeneger (sorry that spelling's bound to be wrong!) one ?

  3. Oh I read books exactly that way too. Means I get through them quickly but like you if I'm questioned on them I haven't got a clue. There is nothing more frustrating than starting to read a book only to find halfway through you've already read it.
    I used to read a lot of Stephen King but found his last couple of books hard going so gave up. I'd be interested to know how that one is. Let me know. Fingers crossed the weather warms up for you. we are still stuck in! xx

  4. My husband REALLY wants this book but neither one of us can really commit to the hard cover price at the moment, lol. Glad it's so far not disappointing though!

  5. That is a most excellent book. And I have to say you totally described me when you were describing yourself. The way I figure it is... I get to enjoy the same thing twice if I wait long enough lol

  6. You dont savor the book.....that is awesome. I do the same thing, if its a good book, I will sit and read from beginning to end, and then pout cause its over.
    Let me know if this is a good read

  7. That is the same way I read....Now you have me wanting to go buy this book but I have 20 or so here already that I need to read!! Keep us posted on how you are liking it along the way.

  8. I LOVE Stephen King. Like you, I used to be a prolific reader, but having the little guys pretty much ruined that. I read quite a bit this summer, and just finished King's group of short stories called "Just After Sunset". Loved them all. SIGH. Maybe I'll run into him somewhere!! I agree, the man is immeasurably talented. My sister is part of his book bclub- I'll see if I can borrow it!

  9. I knew we all connected for a reason! You are all readers too (and apparently readers like me!)

    Auntie Gwen - no I haven't read any of her books-never heard of her until I looked her up-will definitely be looking into her stuff (and, by the way, you only missed one G in her name!)

    Ms Lovely: The cover price is astronomical! Which is why I waited until I had a gift card in hand; which still meant I had to shell out about $7.00; but so far? Totally worth it and then some!

    Choleesa - I've sooooo been known to pout when a good book is over! Glad I'm not the only one.

    Lee? If you run into Stephen King you better keep him until I can get there!

    Since we are all such prolific readers maybe we should start our own book club with rules like this:
    Here's your book. Read it and we'll discuss it in two days!

  10. I have SO many books in the last two years. I mean, it's freaking amazing. I even re-read all the John Sandford Books with Lucas Davenport and I was really surprised at how much I remember. It was just kinda like refreshing my memory.

    I just CAN'T seem to bring myself to read a book that big though. It seems so daunting.

  11. I just love a good book. I could read for hours! : ) This does look like a good one!


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