January 24, 2010

Pillow Talk

Me: sleeping soundly.

A few hours later.....

Me: Gently tugging the covers back.

A bit later....

Me (whispering): "Dammit!"  And again, gently taking back my share.

A bit later....

Me:  (semi-whispering) - "Hey! Quite hogging the covers!" Yanking my share back.

A bit later.....

Me (very loudly): "Dammit!  If you steal the covers one more time I. Will. Hurt. You!"

Hubby:  "Hmmppph?"

Me: "I said - if you steal the covers one more time I WILL HURT YOU!"  violently taking my share back.

At this point Hubby wisely decides it's time to get up and start his day.

Aaaah - the joys of sharing a bed.  And we both wonder why we are exhausted every morning.....


  1. haha, one bonus of not sharing a bed. ;0)

  2. Men are stronger and sleep more soundly. They hog big time!

  3. My hubby steals the covers too. I feel your pain.

  4. Its when they do that whilst snoring like a pig that I can feel murderous intent !!

  5. Haha, mine takes the covers and rolls over at the same time, ending up asleep on top of them! If I yanked them back he would end up on the floor in a heap!

  6. Now you're taking all the shine off marriage for me. In my head it's all blissfull snuggly wonderment !

  7. I am TOTALLY with Wildernesschic!!
    Glad you won though.

  8. Don'tcha love it when they get out of bed first and just let you have it all to yourself!!

  9. Girl, I feel your pain. I tuck the covers under my body so he can't take them.


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