January 1, 2010

So this is what 2010 looks like

Good morning all and Happy New Year.

The festivities of the past month are over - it's time to get back to routines.  I'm a sucker for routines; they make my life easier - a bit predictable; but easier (kinda like all those lists...).

So what can you expect from me in 2010?

To my friends on Twitter - I'm a disappointment; I know.  I don't tweet much.  I just don't "get" it.  Usually when I have something to say - it involves a lot more than 149 characters.  So don't expect a change in that department; sorry.  I'd much rather fire off an email so that I can get everything said in one round.  I do read what you tweet though - if that's any consolation.

To my friends on Facebook (who don't read this so why am I bothering?) - I'm a huge disappointment in this area as well.  It's another thing I just don't get.  Constant status updates, playing games and exchanging "gifts"?  Not gonna happen - another thing that won't be changing in the new year.

And you know how I said I don't do resolutions?  I don't.  I refuse to "resolve" to do anything - but the beginning of a new year always fills me with excitement of a clean slate.  And I will do a bit of pondering to attempt to figure out what I want out of this year.  I can't write them down - we all know why.  As I am ::ahem:: maturing I am realizing that there are things I want to do and I need to begin to realize some of those dreams - no matter how big or small.

This month will bring my 19th wedding anniversary - this fact amazes me in so many ways.  How has it been 19 years already?

This year will bring Man-Child's official driver's license. (He is getting better (he has yet to actually run into anything and we are both still alive!) - he just gets tense about traffic - must get that from his dad - who really gets tense when there is any kind of traffic).

This year will also usher in Man-Child's junior year in high school; which means that there is only two more years until he's off to college!  Again - how has this happened?  It was only yesterday that he began kindergarten....

I expect that this year will have plenty of highs and lows (hopefully more highs), lots of love, some sorrows and surely a lot of laughter. 

And I expect that I will be sharing all that comes along with you!  It's gonna be AWESOME!

Happy New Year my friends!


  1. YAY! It's gonna be a great year...I just KNOW it! So, man-child is a year behind Taylor? Joy.

    NO-one seems to be into resolutions this year. I resolve to not have any or put any more pressure on myself than the usual. That sounds fair, right?

    I'm with you on FB. I'm not doing so much better on Twitter, but I'm trying. I kinda LIKE the challenge of 140 characters or less! We should hook up there...then we can *not* speak to each other...at the same time?

  2. Kathryn - would love to **not** chat on Twitter! You can find me under gigirambles (I think.....)

  3. 19 years is such an achievement...yay!
    It's so scary how quickly time goes by, I still can't get over the fact that your son will have his license. Just can't imagine the same with my son.xx