January 20, 2010

Hallelujah My Template is Back! A Small Request AND the Post You've All Been Waiting For!

As I was scrolling through even more templates - I came across my beloved template.  I clicked on the demo link, hoping against hope that it had some how miraculously been fixed.  AND IT HAD!!!  So I immediately switched back.  And?!  Joy of joys - the date thing is finally working right too!!!  I may need to do some tweaking; but for now I'm very happy. (see me doing happy dance over here?)  Like I always say - it's the little things, people.

BUT, if it goes wonky - somebody please let me know!

My friend, Respectfully Yours, over at Here Is What I Think has an ambitious goal and has asked for help.
Being the ever-helpful person that I am known to be – I have offered to do what little I can.

She would like to reach 100 followers by midnight on Friday. Personally, I’m kinda surprised she doesn’t already have at least that many because she is funny – funny with a capital F!

One of her posts had me giggling so hard that I was crying. After all the strange looks I received from my co-workers – I had to make a deal with myself not to read her stuff at work anymore……..

So, if you have a moment, go by and visit. You’ll love her – promise!


Now for the post you’ve all been waiting for…..

I’m only going to hit the high-lights without going too much into the backstory because otherwise? I’d be writing a novella.

My friend (let’s call her R), informed me that she could begin receiving a substantial amount of money monthly from her deceased ex-husband IF she were single. I know that they are in a financial bind right now as all the children are in college – but WTF??????

As R continued to talk she goes on to tell me that her divorce was final last month! (How she talked her husband into that I'll never know) She continued to claim that she still loved her husband and wasn’t planning on going anywhere but . . .actions (and outfits) can sometimes speak louder than words. At one point during the weekend she mentioned that she had a checking account that her hubby didn’t know about and that she “didn’t know where she’d be in the next two-three years” (which is when the kids will all be out of college). She also mentioned several times that he “smothers” her. She acted like he has problems with her going out with her friends (from where I stand – I have never witnessed this……in the past it had been her not wanting to go out with the girls for dinner, etc.).

First of all – this sounds like fraud to me (IF it is as she claims – just for the money – and she’s not planning to leave). Second of all – her husband loves her. I’ve known her previous husband (not the dead one) and have heard plenty about the other two – and not just from her (yup, she’s been in a few marriages). So when she met this one (let’s call him J), I thought she had struck gold.

J dotes on her – he thinks she hung the moon, etc.  And for a while there she seemed to think the same about him.  When she was so sick (for the past four years she has suffered from a debilitating, chronic illness – which currently seems to be in remission) – sick to the point she (and we all) thought she was dying – J was there for her. Taking care of her, the kids, the house – whatever. He was there – solid.

But from all that I’ve been able to piece together it sounds like she is heading out. That is her choice and her perogative – I think she’s crazy, but still; not my choice.

But what ticks me off about this whole thing is that she is just leading J on letting him think that it will all be fine - when in actuality?  It looks like she is going, going gone. Actually, I can’t believe he doesn’t know deep down – he’s got to know on some level – don’t you think?

After I told Hubby everything – he remarked that he thought something odd was going on because of her behavior at the Christmas party. He said she was very much not herself and was being very mean to J. Hubby said at the time, he thought she’d just had too much too drink. Apparently not.

Yes, she's entitled to do what she wants (crazy or not) but it's the way that she's handling it that disturbs me the most.

Is this not the craziest thing you've heard?

See Gayle?  This is why my blog is so private - otherwise I couldn't get stuff like this out!!

Is it weird that I keep clicking on View Blog just to revel in my template?  Of course it's not......(and if it is - don't tell me!)


  1. Click VIEW BLOG all you want...enjoy your template. You deserve it! And yep, crazy story!

  2. Your blog looks great my dear!
    And girlfriends with drama...oh how I feel your pain. I am there right now. I'm glad you posted your crazy story, makes me feel normal:)

  3. Hey there, you are a doll, thanks for the help with my goal!

    I can't believe your friend...some people just live for drama. I hope she is doing the right thing...makes no sense to me either. Hugs.

  4. Wow- crazy, nuts, fraud. YEP. Poor hubby too. She's not leaving him- she's already left. CRAZY.

  5. Ooohh...she's already left! Don't you think? Crazy. That must have made for an 'interesting' weekend. It's nice to see your template back, I can see you dancing!

  6. I am now following Respectfully Yours. :) She's one closer!

    Your friend sounds like she's a couple beers short of a two four. (A "two four" is Canadian for a 24 pack of beer).

  7. I'm not sure what to say. If she didn't want to be married, she should have just gotten divorced, not committed fraud to get divorced, but we KNOW that already, right?

    She's digging her own hole is what I say.

    Glad your template is working again!

    I forgot my anniversary one year, too. My freind had to remind me!!!!

  8. Well... I feel sorry for the now ex husband. He just doesn't realize his marriage is dead. And it is dead. It was dead the moment your friend decided that getting a divorce to get a dead mans money was a good idea.


  9. Beautiful template! (Looks around appreciatively) I'm so glad you found your favorite again!

    It's unfortunate that this "friend" of yours decided to spill at the beginning of your girl's trip.
    I'm sorry, but she sounds horrible...self-centered and self-absorbed.

    Unfortunately, J is soooo screwed...and as sweet and trusting as he is now, he'll probably never trust another woman again.

  10. Yes I can see why it's private and believe me part of me wishes mine was too...oh the stories I could tell if only a couple people didn't read mine!! I agree your friend sounds very greedy and does seem to want to move on.. I wonder if it's his Social S. she is getting..my EX step mother reminds me often that she is getting my dads Your blog looks great ..what template are you using? Can't wait to here more...call and see whats going on now so you can tell us:)

  11. that's scary that there are people like that out in the world. i mean, to each their own, but sometimes it just amazes me people's lives.

    and i click view blog all the time! i love my blog layout, haha. and i made my header myself to match the template. i'm narcissistic and like to lovingly gaze upon my work (not really but sometimes lol)


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