January 1, 2010

Semi-finished closet pictures and Apple irritates me beyond belief!

UPDATE:  Okay really??  What is it with me and titles?  This time I totally forgot to even put one up!!  :sigh::  And really?  Why am I admiting it?  You probably haven't even figured that out yet.  Oh - and the pictures don't do justice to the reality!  And - by the way - apparently, I'm not done whining yet.

Okay - finally!  Pictures of the closet (that is sooooo not finished!)

The new paint job (imagine once the shelves are up!)

How I am currently storing my pretties.

Definitely need a better system....

The new closet (and definitely need to sort out the clothes....)

From a different angle (still needing to sort the clothes)

Am definitely loving the new closet!  Once those shelves are up - I'll be very, very happy.  And now that the stripes are in?  Hubby definitely won't be trying to re-take the closet.


On another note - (APPLE??? ARE YOU LISTENING?) I'm NOT happy with Apple.

Man-Child received a new iPod from Santa.  As a result, I received his old iPod.  I was able to separate the libraries (so I don't have to listen to the "crap" he listens to and vice versa).  BUT, am having an extremely hard time keeping the libraries separate.  Have been able to find (and back up!) his library.  But mine has disappeared!  Apple?  You are supposed to be a "computer giant" and the "god" of MP3's.  So what the hell is up here?  2 iPod's; one computer....why is it sooooo complicated?  I will deal with you tomorrow!


  1. Lucky you, getting a new closet and leaving hubby out of it.

    Happy sorting.

  2. LV - hubby is just along for the ride...

    Kathryn? Seriously? How'd you find me on my bb? Glad u did! And I hope I've accepted your "ping" properly-if not try again tomorrow! But wow! How'd you do that?

  3. Love your closet...looks beautiful!! Having major computer issues today and my husband finally gave up ( I was driving him crazy) and went to bed..Did you do your blog page?

  4. Ha! I ROCK! (Seriously...I'm just lucky...I took a shot. Now, we've bonded via Blackberry, bay-bee!)

    LOVIN the stripes....LOVIN the closet....SUPER-LOVIN the shoes....and laughed out loud at the remark about making sure hubby can't re-claim the closet! HA!

    As for the iPod, I had the same problem. I solved it by buying Connor his own computer.

    Just kidding. (No, I'm not.) BUT, Apple is HORRIFIC to find support (altho, I want to marry my iPod...that's how much I love it)-I find it's better to Google your (ahem) issue...and see what's what from there.

    Unless you're in the mood to pull your hair out...then by all means, go to it.

  5. I love the stripes. Did you do them yourself?
    Lots of shoes...lol
    I've never figured out the i pod separate library thing either but I'm sure if you have different user accounts on the computer then you can have different itunes accts.

  6. Gayle - technically, I just found a template I liked and uploaded it. I didn't do all the code - and I still can't figure out the whole date thing that is supposed to go in the little blank box at the top of each post.

    Thanks to you all for the nice comments on the stripes - I'm loving them. Have wanted to do them somewhere for a while - but been afraid they'd come out crooked!

  7. Loving the stripes! well done you, they do look really good. Yup, hubby definitely won't want the pink stripes closet now.

  8. Love the paint job on the closet!


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