January 19, 2010

Today is my Anniversary.....

19 years ago today - I got married.  ::sigh::  It's a beautiful moment, isn't it?  But.....

Sssh. Let me tell you a secret.

I forgot.

Yup, completely and totally flat out forgot.

My friend called this morning to wish me a happy anniversary (how does she remember this stuff?? I couldn’t tell you when hers is - or apparently, when mine is). My response? Oh shit!

But then in re-playing the morning I thought I was off the hook – because Hubby never mentioned it this morning either. Whew.

Then these arrived. . .

Rats; he remembered!


  1. Oops! Happy Anniversary. It's mine tomorrow, but only 3 years and we've both remembered :-)

  2. Oops..s**t! You are SO gonna have to make that up to him this evening!

  3. Happy Anniversary - neither myself or husband remembered last year until in laws sent card!!bum!
    Hope you manage to make it up to him ;)!

  4. How sweet!!

    Good luck with making it up to him. My husband is easy, all I'd have to do is bring him fast food and he'd be happy.

  5. Happy Anniversary, I hope you have a lovely evening. Congratulations- 19 years is amazing. xx

  6. ACK! So, what did you do? Stop at the drugstore and pick up the most expensive toothpaste they have, wrap it in the Sunday comics and tell him, "Thanks for the laughs. You always make me smile."

    Does this mean you'll be busy tonight??

  7. I never seem to remember mine either. I always have to ask my husband when people ask me how long I've been married. Congrats on the big day. Thanks for helping me out with my little project. Take care.

  8. Thats so sweet .. Happy Anniversary I have a friend like you she never forgets a birthday or anniversary. If we didnt go away with another couple each year for ours would also forget!

  9. Happy Anniversary Gigi,
    Im going on ten years next month, and honestly, between the hubby and I, weve only remember two of them.
    Have yourself a fantastically freaky night.

  10. You guys are toooooo funny.

    I ended up giving him the best gift EVER!!!!

    Something to hold over my head. (Although I think we are even since he forgot my 30th birthday several years ago......)

  11. The flowers are beautiful! Hope you had a Happy Anniversary!!

  12. Happy Anniversary! And how sweet he had flowers sent to you at work. What a guy. :)

  13. Pretty flowers! Happy anniversary. I'm a new follower sent over from Mrs. Lovely.

  14. you just never know about the Hubbs!


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