January 11, 2010

It's gonna be a short week! And other ramble-y bits that you must wade through first....

These past few work days have been busy ones.  Yes, I know prior to Christmas (and waaaayyy before that too) I was complaining of being bored; but since I returned a huge (albeit majorly BORING) project was dropped on my lap.  While I was clever enough to figure out a way to make our processes and technology work for me (thus reducing the size of this huge, yet extraordinarily boring, project by about 3/4 of the time - yes I am proud of myself for that) it still necessitates that I spend most of my day on it.

What does this mean to you?  This means that I don't often get the opportunity to catch up with you during work hours (which *technically* I probably shouldn't be doing anyway....but still....).  Which means that when I get home from work I have to fight for my computer time with Man-Child crying homework (which totally means Facebook - do I look stupid?) and Hubby - who has recently discovered the Internet (which begets statements like "Oooooo - honey?  Did you know I could order crawfish to be delivered in dry ice from Louisiana???"  Ewwwww!  NO!  You cannot do that! is usually my response.). 

And this, in turn means, that I usually only have a small window of time in which to peruse your blogs, make comments (hmmmm - maybe this is why I'm such a bad commenter - lack of time?  Sounds good to me) and possibly even craft a posting of my own.

But tonight?  So far I've had the house to myself for an entire hour (but I expect them to come barreling in any minute now)!  So I've been able to check you all out (still at a break-neck pace; habit I suppose) and actually sit down to begin a post (that may or may not end up with point.  But really?  Does any of my posts ever have a point?  Emmmm, I'm gonna go with "no" on that one) but I can't get my mind focused.

I had one all started and ready to go - typed a good portion of it.  Re-read it and went "ehh-who cares?" and hit delete.  I'm still in kind of a dry spell  - I guess between the frozen toes and the actual use of the old brain at work I've depleted any kind of cognitive thought.  But I figure, if I just keep at it; and keep typing eventually something good will come out of it (either that or you'll all wander off in total disgust...).

And it has just dawned on me (and the fact that I haven't even mentioned this to you before) that this will be a short week for me.  A very good friend of mine and I are headed out for a girl's weekend in Charleston, SC!  I'm so excited.  I've known Ms. C for about 19 years now (how the hell is that possible?) and in that time we've never done anything like this (for the past several years she's been a homebody by choice and then because she had no choice).  I think she is finally realizing that she needs to get out and spend some time with her friends (actually delving into this further might make a decent post....somebody remind me of that tomorrow.....) so she suggested the trip and I jumped on it.  It will be so much fun.  I've never been to Charleston but have always wanted to go especially as it is only 4 (maybe 5? Depends on whose driving I suppose - which it will be me; so definitely 4!) hours from here. (just hope it warms up significantly before we get there.....)  

So I will mostly be incommunicado from Friday till Sunday evening as I will only have my Blackberry (hence no posts and limited ability to comment - why can I not comment on some of your blogs from this device but others it's not a problem?)  Hopefully once I get back I will have lots and lots of pictures and stories to share.  Luckily this friend is a lot more stable and mature than my other friend Ms. S who came to see me over the summer and brings out the wild child in me.....did I not tell you that story?  Hmmmm, maybe it's a story best left untold......

UPDATE:  Holy hell y'all!  It's been almost two hours by myself with the computer.  I'm going crazy over here!!!!  And it's a good thing I came back to tell you this pointless information since I forgot to title my post again!!!!!


  1. Hope you have a great trip with your friend.

    p.s. It's fab when you write "y'all"!

  2. Make Do Mum - glad you like the y'all....I figure I could write like we all speak "properly" but then you wouldn't get to "hear" the real me.....

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I wish my friend would do this with me. A guy friend of mine just took the train from Raleigh to Charleston and said it was wonderful!!

  4. Ahhh Gayle-she will when she's ready...

  5. Oh lucky you, a weekend away. I'm sure you'll have a fab time. Fingers crossed mine will actualy be in school tomorrow for the first time in over a week. That will do me. ;0) xx

  6. Ohhhhhh, what fun. I've always wanted to visit Charleston! I'm about to see all my girls next month for a NYC getaway and a wedding in San Antonio. I can't wait!!