January 2, 2010

Just a couple of things I've realized (okay - remembered or learned)

In the past two weeks that I've been off - I've remembered/realized and/or learned a few things.

1.  A lot of the time - I like to be alone to do my own thing.  I have really become accustomed to not having someone else take up my time (a direct result of living with two boys!  If you have guys - they bond and you are kinda left to your own; until the younger one needs you so that he can legally drive.....)

2.  I'm impatient.  Very, very impatient.

3.  I am loving the whole iPod thing.

4.  Am not so much loving Apple as they make things complicated.  but bite me Apple - I think I've figured you out!  You haven't met me - I will NOT take your challenge lying down!  I WILL conquer you (and I think I have - can you see my sly smile from there?)

5.  I really don't care for the "ear bud" things.  They make my ears itch and the ones provided with the iPod are apparently made for people with really large "ear holes."

6.  The ear buds that actually fit?  They cost a lot more and are not made by Apple - so you have to wonder....are you getting the same sound quality....

7.  But....with the iPod actually stuck inside your ears - you are hearing things that you normally wouldn't hear - Man-Child?  Watch out - that means Mom will be a bit stricter about what you are listening to....

8.  Retailers really, really pulled back this year.  Have been searching for a car-dock (for said iPod and a few other things) and have discovered that there is NOTHING left on the shelves.

9. Have realized that even as much as I like my job (and love my boss) - am not ready to go back to work.  I need more time to finish my projects.....and some alone time.....

10.  Am looking forward to having a routine again (yes, totally contradicts #9 - what can I say?  That's me.  Full of contradictions!) - it makes me feel semi-sane.

11.  Laundry.  Still hate it.  Still have several loads to complete. 

::sigh::  nothing changes.


  1. I know what you mean about time alone!!! I enjoy my husband being home but I NEED time alone and haven't had it....and now I am back to work on Monday with 24 6 year olds...oh my!!

  2. Oh my hell! Twenty-four 6 year olds??? I'd almost say how can you deal - but after the evening I've had with my teen - I'll trade you!

  3. #2 That is what the wife says about me...it's true!

  4. nothing changes does it. I find ear phones hurt my ears too...definitely too big.
    I do love the holidays but we've got to start getting back into a routine because we are being so lazy at the moment. xxxx

  5. I also hate laundry. You just reminded me that I have to switch some clothes from the washer to the dryer.

  6. I feel the same way about my iPod! HATE those earbud thingies....they make my ears ACHE.

    BUT....love, love, love my tunes. I use earphones by Sony...they rest quite comfortably *on* my ears...but you can't lie down with 'em...they flop off.

    (Like this should ever really be a problem! Honestly, Connor's the one who informed me of this. Evidently, I'm more inclined to dance with my iPod than lie down with it.)