January 12, 2010

Apparently, I am "un-teachable"

Or at least according to Man-Child who told me last night that I am (and I quote!) "the most un-teachable person he's ever met!"

How did this statement come about you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  It all started as he was trying to teach me Algebra.

Yes, you read that right.

And why was he trying to teach me Algebra (the one who is known to go into a catatonic state whenever a math problem presents itself)?

It all began back before Christmas........

Remember when I asked for all your vibes and prayers because Hubby had applied for a new job?  Well, let me tell you - the road has been bumpy to say the least.  It's been at least 5 weeks.  He still hasn't heard anything tangible from them - but has been asked to submit an application twice - in two different formats. 

Then, last night we received an email around 8:00 pm inviting him to take a "New Candidate Assessment."

Fine.  We sat down to do so  - with me at the keyboard reading the questions and recording the answers that Hubby provided.  Man-Child joined in just to add to the hilarity.  Apparently, we know Hubby better than he knows himself.  It was actually very funny.  Hubby would answer one way; Man-Child's eyes and mine would meet across the table and then burst out laughing.

The first part of the "Assessment" seemed to be a personality test.  Hubby participated willingly.  We laughed, we joked.  A good time was had by all.  But after about 45 minutes; Hubby was done.  He left the table telling me "Since you know me so well; you finish it."

So there I am - happily answering all the questions as if I were Hubby (because by now he is snoring contentedly on the couch and because I desperately want to get him out of the toxic environment where he is currently employed) - when I come to the next part of the "Assessment."  Which turns out to be ALGEBRA (basic algebra according to Man-Child - looked like gibberish to me - but algebra nonetheless!).  Now I ask you (although you really don't know) how does this apply to the particular job that Hubby is applying for?  It doesn't!  In any way, shape or form.

So I call Man-Child in - because seriously?  Out of the three of us he is the math genius (I think it may have something to do with him being right-handed and us being left... hey! it's the only explanation I can come up with....).  Anyway, he figures that if he is having to do math during his down time - then he should explain it to me.  Immediately I get that glazed look.  He tries to explain it in even more dumbed-down terms. 

I begin to bang my head on the table.

Finally, in totally exasperation (and with total derision) as he is dismissing me; he informs me that I am the most "un-teachable" person he's ever met.  As I was gladly running walking away he then throws in - that if I can't even do multiplication tables then I should be hiding away somewhere writing novels (of course all this is said with love, as well as exasperation).  To which I responded, "this is what I've been saying for years!"  The little snot love; always the one to try and get the last word in responded: "PROCASTINATOR!"

Me, also being one to always try and get the last word (I guess he comes by it honestly) informed him that I haven't been procastinating but the I have been too busy raising him!

So the upshot of this is that it was a "family project" to get the Assessment done.  And that Man-Child of mine?  He will probably make a good lawyer some day. 

As for Hubby?  Still no response.  I'm beginning to think these people are just screwing with us.  Although in my opinion - if you finish the damn "Assessment" you should automatically be offered the job - because really?  3 hours!????


By the way; for those who expressed interest - Under The Dome is still fascinating and holding my attention.  Almost half-way through!


  1. Haha.. this actually made me chuckle. :)

  2. What a great story! It's like I was sitting there with you, because honestly, my brain shuts down when it comes to Algebra. I can NOT be taught Algebra, and many have tried my friend. And they have all failed.

    But thanks for sharing the story. It was great!

  3. this whole process sounds ridiculous and having to answer algebra online when you could look up the answers very daft.
    I hope it all comes to something very soon. xx

  4. that is funny. I hate math, always have, and have also been the student, Im hopeless.

  5. Oh good grief! 3 hours and the job should be is!

    PS I am the unteachable here!

  6. My husband says the same thing about me! Unteachable!!