January 25, 2010

Comments; comments, and more about comments.

Aaaahhhh.....finally I have the computer all to myself!  Hubby is finally asleep in front of the tv and Man-Child has finally succumbed to watching whatever crap is currently on....

I've only been waiting for two hours (at least!).

::sigh::  So what did I want to talk to you about??

Hmmm......can't quite remember (maybe I should start taking notes?).

Have seriously thought about getting Man-Child his own computer.  But we've been there; done that.  I had to institute a serious parental control on his internet access (ahhhh - the joys of a teenage boy!).  This pretty much insured that he'd use the "family"computer (because he couldn't realistically do homework [seriously!  I had it locked down that tight!]  - but I could check out where he'd been.....); so it's not so realistic these days.... and at the time Hubby was clueless to what wonders the internet could unleash.  But now? (Hello? Now, it's all "HEY!  Guess what!!!  You can do XYZ online!!  or You can order XYZ online!!)  ::sigh:: Ahhh - for the good ol' days when he was clueless....

Between Hubby and Man-Child.....seems like I never get the computer (major whine!).

I do seem to recall that I was going to write about comments.......

And my lack of them.

I'm bad.  I know this.  I have had many good intentions to resolve this.

I work for Big Brother (seriously).  So I try to limit the amount of time that I'm on the internet at work.  Because, yeah, my totally cool boss can only justify so much....which then leaves me to checking out you guys via my blackberry during the day - which is iffy (at best) on the whole comment thing.  And then by the time I get home and wrangle some computer time.....you guys have come up with a whole batch of new posts!!!!   Arrrrgggghhh!!!  How's a girl to keep up??

So today, Big Brother be damned, I tried really hard to comment on every blog.  I still fell short.  ::sigh::  So for the interim (until I find some kind of solution); you have to know I am reading you and commenting (if only in my head!).  Also, sometimes I worry...some of the more "popular" blogs I follow (read MILLIONS of followers!) do they even care what I have to say?  Yes, the ones I "chat" with on a more regular basis do; but seriously?  If they already have 50-1000 responses?  Do they really care what I have to add to the conversation?  Ummm, probably not (although I am so very wise and all-knowing.......I'm just sayin'.  I should totally  be in charge of the world!)

Several of you have asked questions in my comments; but since I have no clue whether or not you check back to see if I've answered (and I have no clue whether or not you receive any answers I send via email) I'm seriously thinking about a (weekly?) Respond Post.  What do you think?  Truly, I want to know what you think.  Because sometimes I've responded via my comments and sometimes via an email.  Without ever knowing whether or not you've received the response.  This drives me crazy (if the truth be known-what???  You are shocked at my OCD-ness about this issue?????  If you've read me for any length of time - you should know - so totally normal!)  So what do you think?  Would this be a plausible way to answer  your questions and relieve my anxiety?

And just because it's on my mind.....

The shed is technically done.  Except!  We can't move all the crap out of the garage yet.  Why, you ask?  Because (according to Hubby) it's not drywalled yet.  My response?  WTF????  It's a SHED!!!

But apparently (according to Hubby), until the whole thing is drywalled, painted (outside and in!!!) there is no point in moving all the crap in the garage out (nevermind that I have to worry about frost, ice, snow, etc. on my car in the mornings....).  Can you say - FRUSTRATED!!!!!!  (yet another project that cannot be crossed off the list....)


  1. I try to "subscribe to follow up comments via email" if at all possible when I comment anywhere. Let's face it, I'm nowhere near organized enough to remember where I commented let alone what I said, so going back to check for a response isn't really an option.
    When I actually respond to comments left on my blog, I use a WP plug in that emails the original commenter AND adds it to the comments.

  2. I think its a good idea. Because really, as much as I want a gazillion followers, isnt it much more satisfying to actually have interaction with the peeps that take time out of their busy lives, to read you and respond??

  3. Hi - I always try and come back to check if you've answered me - but not necessary on the same day!

  4. haha, you make me laugh. It seems to be a bone of contention with the comments in blogger.I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for them to make it easier for people to respond to a comment made on their blog like in WP blogs.
    It's hard keeping up isn't it. I try and pop in on my favourites when a post pops up for example yours but others I sometimes have to miss or catch up on several posts all at once. I've noticed if you subscribe by email on the iphone it comes in a very readable format.I wonder if it's the same on a BB? Avoids having to go through Blogger. XX

  5. I don't ever remember what I asked either, so I certainly don't remember to check back.

    I do, however, think a follow-up post or whatever you called it is a great idea!

    And I read a few blogs that have many followers, and I comment, and comment and comment, and I don't think they have ever read MY blog but I know damn sure they have never commented. So I have slowly stopped reading them. It really gives me a lot more time to read the ones that also read mine, ya know?

  6. I love your comments! You're comment-rific! Is that a word? Well it is now. Tell your husband you need the garage back and get on finishing the shed. ;) And post pics when it's done!

  7. Ahh - you all are so great.

    Kelly - I do try to follow comments via email if I've left a question or it's a particularly interesting conversation that I want to keep up on.

    Choleesa - You've nailed it! Although I really didn't start this blog looking for readers or to meet people - that's what I've done - I've met people that I really like and I do want to interact with you - I don't want this blog to be one-sided.

    BNM - Thank you! And I'm still pondering over what question to hit you with...

    CM - I do have "an app for that" so I always receive your comments as you all leave them - I just worry about those who leave comments with questions - do they get my answers.....

    Bina & Mrs. Lovely - thank you - you guys are awesome!

  8. I tend to visit the bloggers who leave comments on my blog. They took the time to stop by, I can do the same. I catch them often enough that our questions are answered eventually. I don't expect emails, but it's nice to get them too.

  9. Seems like someone did a post on answering comments...and I loved it. If you want to then....it's a great idea...I am a day or 2 behind in reading and commenting!! It's hard!!

  10. I'm new to you blog and just starting to read. I just posted on a similar topic today. It is hard to make it around to all the blogs, leave comments, etc.

    And it sounds like maybe you need to get youself your own computer instead of one for Man-Child. :)

  11. Oh, it's like you've been reading my mind, girl! I've gotta look and see if it's something in my settings, but most of my comments come thru with no email addy attached....it just says "noreply-comment@blogger.com"...yours did as well!...so I don't know how ppl can always respond via email. I wind up responding to comments at my place, then visiting the commenter's place and commenting on their post. This takes me around 4-5 hours/day to do...and doesn't include my own post. Problem is that I love all of it and don't know how to scale down w/o hurting anyone's feelings!
    BTW: As far as the "big" ppl (with 50-100 comments), I feel the same way. I don't know if they even notice if I comment or not. If I hit their site early, I'll comment. If my comment is # 123, probably not!


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