January 5, 2010

Technology either really, really sucks or....it's really, really awesome! But never at the same time!

As you all know from my ranting yesterday - I couldn't get my printer to "like" my new computer.  I spent at least two hours on it before I finally gave up in total frustration (i.e. - this means I had to walk away - because I couldn't afford to throw this new computer out the window.....)

So - after work - with renewed determination I sat down to wrestle with it again.

Again.  It didn't work.  I mean honestly?!?  Hooking up a computer and a printer (in the normal world) is so easy a technologically-inept Hubby could do it!  I was completely baffled.  Yes, I realize that Windows 7 is a bit "picky" - but still!  This is not rocket science!

So finally, I visited Lexmark's support website.  Have any of you ever participated in a Live Chat session?  Very cool.  Especially when the tech support actually seems to know what she is talking about...

But you know what was even cooler?

After asking my permission - my tech support person "took over" my computer remotely.  Do you have any idea how awesome (yet freaky) it is to watch your cursor do things while you aren't touching the computer?  To watch windows open, options being selected, etc.?  It was totally wild (and a little disturbing....I figure Stephen King could use this as an idea for his next book....think he'll give me the credit and maybe some royalties?)

I watched everything she did.  Guess what?  I had done the exact same things (at least 7 times already!) - but, of course, for her it worked perfectly (making me look like a total dummy....)  But whatever - at least the printer is working now.  YAY!  That means more blog-time for me!

It's the little things in life people. 


  1. I'm glad the techie got your printer working, chucking it out the window probably wouldn't have worked anyway! I used to be a 'Systems Administer' and would regularly 'remotely' log on to other users PC to try to sort problems out, it is a pretty cool trick! So I do know exactly what you mean..Freaky! Bloody typical though that it worked for her!

  2. OMG! I know! Isn't that the coolest thing when the techhie takes over your computer? I called Taylor in once and told him I was moving the mouse with my MIND....(he didn't buy it.)

    So glad you got it working, sweetie. Things are supposed to work flawlessly for US. Right??

  3. I had to get rid of my Lexmark printer as they didn't bother to create drivers for the new Mac operating system. I wrote a lovely rant about them on my blog! Glad it worked out for you though.

  4. Gigi I am just useless at or with anything practical or new and have to learn about it . I miss my mac book :((((

  5. my computer in work very often never can find my printer and the damn things is next it!

    Thanks for the award, I've tagged it.

  6. Haha, I've had the computer taken over remotely and yes it's very creepy. Glad you've got it fixed now. x

  7. Me again, I've tagged you for a Meme over at mine..xx

  8. Oh how neat is that!! Remind me to call you when we get our printer...I don't think the old ones going to work!!

  9. Woo Hoo! It's working! And you know, I was chatting with a Dell tech support person because from reason my lap top thought I no longer had a DVD drive, and I watched in fascination as they spead through all this stuff and then Wa-la! I had a DVD drive! It really was the coolest thing.

    And hey, I have a Lexmark, too, and I love it, except, it uses a crap load of ink to print pictures, which is why I now send all my pictures to Walgreens and have them print them. If you haven't tried Walgreens photos, you really should. It's CHEAP and the pictures turn out great. I even did an 8 x 10 collage (I bet I spelled that wrong) and it was only $3.99!!!!

  10. Glad to hear your printer is working! Yay! I hate printers, they are such awful things something!

  11. cool! I have had tech do things remotely at work, but not at home!! Freaky. Stephen King wrote a short story about computers taking over humans, and in one scene, he goes into a room to find a boy sitting and looking at the computer, long silvery cords going from his eyeballs into the screen!! ewwwwwwwwww.


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