January 27, 2010

eBay.....REALLY?? Don't mess with me!

Without going into detail (which I totally can't; honestly!) - eBay has found themselves on my S#!t List.  Seriously.

My company has discovered that there are certain listings on eBay which should not be there.

This, in turn, has fallen into my lap to get them to remove those listings.  I have been dealing with this since last week.

SERIOUSLY???  Have you ever tried to contact eBay's customer service department?

It is pure and total hell! These people have devised a system where you can never actually speak to a human or even email a human.  Bascially they ask you to pick out your complaint from a menu and inform them of the  Seller ID that you are complaining about.  That is it!!!  But yet, this is considered "Customer Service."  And even then - they do squat.

We contacted the Corporate Office - who suggested that we go through their standard protocol of complaints.  Which we have done.  But now?  It's escalating, which I seriously hope Corporate will soon hear about. 

And I am seriously ready to stab someone (anyone!) who works for eBay.  Which would be a very satisfying end to this debacle.

By some miracle, I was finally (after about an hour and a half of screwing around [again!] on their site today) able to send an email.  If I don't have the desired response by tomorrow....let's just say that at this point I am willing to buy my own ticket to arrive at their headquarters and have a full-scale hissy fit in their lobby.

After sending the generic email (which I'm sure is directed straight to the trash file), I was asked to complete a survey.  I hit Yes with much enthusiasm!  The survey basically asked about my feelings of the "service" I had received.  Can you say "EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED?!"  But, of course, in true eBay fashion they didn't bother to ask why I was so dissatisfied (or happy for that matter).

I know I have complained about Customer Service here before - but this????  This is the most ridiculous thing I do believe I have ever seen!  Seriously.

I've been known to walk out of establishments proclaiming loudly that I will never darken their doors again; and have stood by those proclamations. 

And now?  This is my newest proclamation:

eBAY? No matter what - I will NEVER do any business on your site!  EVER!!

If you can cause me this much angst from a business standpoint (enough that I must blog about it - when I never blog about work angst!) then I certainly don't need to deal with you on a personal level.

So when a crazy, wild-eyed woman shows up in your lobby; don't be surprised.  You've been warned!

****Disclaimer -if a crazy, wild-eyed woman actually shows up; it most likely isn't me.  Probably.  Unless I'm still dealing with you tomorrow; then....all bets may be off.  I'm just sayin' - a woman can only take so much, ya know.****


  1. Oh poor Gigi! I hope you get this straightened out soon!

  2. I feel your pain. I really really hate that you cannot talk to people anymore. I had that same problem on Monday...

  3. Hubby is an eBay maniac! He did have a technical issue, about a year ago, and still had the number where he spoke to an actual person. It may not even be a good number anymore, but hey, it might get you to the right place, through an actual human being. That number is 800-717-3229. Good luck!

  4. So frustrating I hope you get it sorted x

  5. In regard to your comment... something even funnier... (I'm going to code this, but you should understand) though it comes up as Pas. it's actually D.P., which is even closer... daughter is where you were. Hope that made sense, I'm sure you got it!

  6. I know you pain in trying to get through some companys!!