January 26, 2010

A revelation (and really??? Blogger should remind me to title these things.....)

After my last post rambling on about comments; I realized something.

Yeah, maybe I'm a bad commenter on certain sites - but on the sites where I have "connected" with the blogger - yes, those I'm a frequent commenter on (unless you intimidate me-and yeah some of you do - don't ask me why.) for the most part.

And Choleesa put it best:  ".....Because really, as much as I want a gazillion followers, isnt it much more satisfying to actually have interaction with the peeps that take time out of their busy lives, to read you and respond??"

She hit it DEAD ON.

When I started this blog it wasn't to find "readers" or even really to meet new people.

It was truly just an online diary of sorts.  A way to get the thoughts out of my head.  And then .... somehow connections were made.  And it was awesome.

Through this blog I have met some truly, truly amazing people (you!!!).  And though, yeah, after I began to realize that there are blogs out there with a "gazillion" followers and it was kinda of like - hmmmm, how can I get a gazillion followers.  But then I also began to realize, that is un-important.  This is not high school and it's not a popularity contest.

What is important is that I've made "connections."  I've "met" people - people who are truly awesome - people whom I would enjoy in real time.  People with whom I can share my life experiences with - freely.  People who are far away and some that are not so far away (and it totally boggles my mind that some of you are "right around the corner" and that some are across the Pond, so to speak).  People I would have most likely never met under normal circumstances.

I know that those who comment are commenting because they really have something to say.  I know that I comment because I really have something to say.  So no more will I feel that I am a bad commenter (okay - for the most part I won't; but because we all know how I am - it will probably happen on occasion....you just be there to talk me down!).

(By the way - is it just me or do you all obsess before you actually hit the Publish Post button?)

Arrrrgggghhhhh!   I did it again!!!  I am beginning to think that Blogger should remind me when I hit Publish that I have yet to title the damn thing!


  1. I think most bloggers that fall into the "average" category waver between wanting those amazing stats and just being thankful for those connections, the friendships made through blogging.
    While I'd love to make a living off my blog, I couldn't take the commercial route... and that's what it would require.
    I rarely (if ever) comment on the mega-bogs, because I doubt the blogger reads the hundreds of comments. It's the smaller, personal blogs that draw me in and keep me reading.

  2. The connections that I've made through blogging have been amazing. Next month I will actually be transition from blogger friend to IRL friend, as I travel across the country and meet my first blogger friend in real life. I can't wait.

    I agree with all of your comments about making comments on smaller blogs, and it being about the connection, etc.

  3. I'm just a bit comment happy me - but I do tend to comment in some places more than ever!!
    I'm still in shock at the number of followers I have!

  4. I'd have to say I'm waffling somewhere in the middle. I'd like more followes I'd like to get a business going- BUT- that doesn't mean people aren't reading. I started blogging becasue we were contemplating a move, and thought it would be a good way to show family pictures etc. Then 2 years later we did move- so?? Maybe it's working for that. I don't know? last stpring I went to my BFF for a art weekend and met two bloggers I had "known", it was awesome. We still keep in touch.

  5. I've never really cared about my stats, which I guess is obvious with my blog posting. I can post every day sometimes, and others? I just don't give a crap if I post or not. Mostly I have nothing to say cause my life is just that boring and mundane, unless there is major drama.

  6. I do believe it's the quality over the quantity....and that blogville is not a good gauge for someone's ability to write. There are tens of millions of blogs out there...getting noticed is HARD! How does anyone find anyone else? It's amazing we've found each other! And I'm truly grateful to have found YOU!
    When you find nice, NORMAL people who are just living their lives and have such sweet, positive views on things, how could you not come back for more??
    I'm just saying....

  7. Thought several times about commenting to this post, chickened out and then re-thought it. Had to tell you, you hit the nail on the head for me, when you said... "(unless you intimidate me-and yeah some of you do - don't ask me why.)" Oh yeah, and the part about obsessing before you hit the publish post button.