December 26, 2009

Today could easily be summed up with "Are you F*#%ing Kidding Me?"

Yep - you read that right.  It has been a rough day.

It started out innocuous enough.  I was even plotting a post in my head.  I had finally begun the process of switching closets with Hubby.  The look on his face when he realized I was serious was priceless.  Wish I had a picture.  He and Man-Child are one in the same as they both hate change with a passion - so this seemingly minor blip in our household has caused a lot of trauma already.

So there I was happily moving stuff between the closets and picturing how happy I'd be in my new little kingdom.  Then Man-Child came to me and informed me the he broke the computer.

At first, I was sure he was joking.  Because surely, surely after the incident just one month ago(!!!!) there couldn't have been another; right?

No.  It was serious.  He'd dropped the damn thing AGAIN!  Well, to be more accurate, he tripped over the cord and it fell to the floor.  Where it died immediately upon impact.

I realize that accidents happen - it's almost happened to me on a couple of occasions, so I didn't get too terribly upset.  I figured that a quick trip to the computer doctor and all would be well.

After my last experience with a certain computer doctor, I decided to hit Best Buy.  Ummmmm, not the best idea on the day after Christmas.  The place was packed beyond belief.  I stood in line for about 15 minutes - not too bad - I really felt sorry for those that were in the return line - I'm convinced that line was hours long.

Upon reaching the head of the line and explaining my predicament the cute, young kid behind the counter (who is really far to young to be making these kinds of diagnosis) informed me that it was gone.  I almost cried.

Then I thought - what the hell does he know?  He's just a child!!  So I took my beloved in for a second opinion.  Alas....the second opinion concurred.  I seriously cried.  Because really????  How can I survive without my laptop?  How can I google stuff?  How can I do my banking?  What about shopping?  What about CONNECTING WITH YOU GUYS?????  It was seriously, seriously traumatic.

When I arrived home, Hubby (fabulous man that he is) just told me to go get a new one.  Damn the expense (right on top of Christmas, thank you very much).  I love that man, he is utterly amazing.

So back to Best Buy I went.  Which was when the bad day took a turn for the worse.  Apparently, they only had four people working in the computer department.  There were approximately 100 people milling around the department looking for help.  I finally started a line for help.  Yes, I'm nothing if not organized - that and (mainly) I was not about to let someone who just walked in get help before me; after I'd been there for over an hour!

Eventually, two hours later I walked out with a new laptop.  It's pretty.  It's cool.  But I miss my baby.  Yes, eventually this laptop and I will have a close relationship; but at the moment - my heart aches for the one that I knew so well.

As for Man-Child, you ask?  Yes, he is still alive - just barely.  I'm thinking that he may need to contribute to the cost of this new one though; maybe - just maybe - that may rehabilitate him.


  1. Oh dear....that wasn't good.
    I'm a bit peeved at my 15 yr old at the moment....feel a bit let down by him. Another story. :0(
    I hope you build up a relationship very quickly with your new laptop. xxxxx

  2. Oh....I feel your pain! Poor old laptop...may it rest in peace.

    I'm loving hubby for giving you the green light for a new laptop...

    "how will I google stuff?"....HA!

    I lol'd with this line!

  3. CM / Kathryn - thank you! I needed to hear from friends today! Losing the laptop was bad enough - having to deal with idiots & morons throughout the day made it a thousand times worse!

    Slowly this new laptop and I may make friends - although the keyboard is quite a bit different .... but - I'm not complaining - it's better than going without.

  4. Oh Man!! This is supposed to be a day of relaxation after all the hustle and bustle!! What a fantastic Hubby you have for making sure that you are connected for shopping and blogging and googling! :) Hope that tomorrow is a better day!

  5. Oh I am glad you were able to get a new in the world did you get it up and running?!

    Your husband sounds like mine...just go get a new one..

  6. My 14 year old brought the logs in and dumped them in the basket .. with teenage force from a great height ! Which smashed through the side of my antique cupboard .. of course the bloody thing shouldnt have been so close.. my mad idea !! :) I know this doesnt help your situation .. but you know you are not alone in your frustration x

  7. Actually Gayle - getting it up and running is much easier than they will lead you to believe. They offered to "set it up" for me to the tune of $70. I had it up and going in less than 10 minutes - it basically sets itself up. The only tricky part is setting up the wireless - but as long as you have your security key number - it even does that itself.

    Thank you Melissa - it's early yet, but so far today is looking much, much brighter!

    WC - oh no! These teenagers are just a big, clumsy group aren't they?! What was it my mom used to say - can't have anything nice when you have kids at home!

  8. When we came back from Savannah, everything had been wiped out from our computer. We don't even know how: it had been turned off. I now have to find a way to get itunes to allow me to have all the songs I'd purchased over the last 2 years back, since I did not back them up. It's amazing how dependent we are on our computers.

  9. What a day. I am glad it ended sort of well. I think you will get over your old one! It will take time though. Doesn't time heal all wounds? : )

  10. Oh no, I'm sorry about your old laptop. I hate when electronics die.

  11. Days like these sure make you appreciate the peaceful days.

    Enjoy the remainder of 2009 in PEACE!

  12. Hi Gigi,

    After reading your comment on Melissa's blog - The Inspired Room - I just had to check you out. You are too funny! I just love your 'computer' post! I understand and feel your pain. Looking forward to visiting you in 2010.

  13. OH- cracking up and crying ant the same time! God help me, I have two boys... What a good man you have, though. Enjoy the new laptop. And maybe buy some velcro- I'm just sayin'...

  14. I checked back to see how you're getting on with new laptop. Your comments are as witty as ever, so hopefully you two are bonding nicely.

    I think this is the beginning of a long and happy friendship...(music swells in background)

  15. On no. What type did you buy as a replacement, and is ManChild gonna be allowed to touch it? LOL