December 23, 2009

Gigi's tiiiiiiiirrrrrreeeeddddddd......

Paraphrased from the words of my very favorite toddler, "Gigi's tiiiiiiirrrrrredddd!."  (he actually said, Jjjjjooooooe!  Cccccrrrrrrrying!!!) (Tooo funny - he couldn't tell me why he was crying; only that he was!).

Not counting the past weekend; I've only been off work for four days.  In those four days I have crammed far too much stuff and am now wiped out!

BUT - I am done shopping!!!! (wait, did I just put exclamation points after that sentence?  ME?  The one who loves to shop?)  I am done wrapping (except for that one last gift.....which will be done in the morning).  Cooking?  Not my gig - so I don't have to worry about it.  Although I do need to come up with two desserts.....I'll think about it tomorrow (a'la Scarlett!).  House - fairly clean since I've been home since last Thursday (which brings me to this point - why the hell am I busting my butt to have a clean home when "they" come in and destroy it right behind me!?  And it's not like they are little ones either!!!)  (I'm beginning to think I would be better off living alone....)  Laundry - was caught up until Hubby came home and put clothes into that empty basket (does he not realize what satisfaction I receive from looking at that empty basket?  Again - must totally re-think that living alone option.....)

But with all that being done - my list continues to grow! How is that?  I cross three items off the list and five more appear!  Apparently completing one item leads to doing something else (removing that lower shelf from hubby's closet [which will soon be mine?]  Means that it should probably be placed in the pantry for more storage for his damn pasta .... and that the wall now needs to be patched.....see how it multiplies?  It never ends.....)

It's only 8:00 pm and Gigi's tired and ready for bed!  But before I can head off - I have to check that list and make sure it's ready for tomorrow....::sigh::

(although I complain - I actually love it!  Why?  Because I am actually getting things accomplished - which gives me much satisfaction!  Crossing those items (and even adding the others) gives me a sense of order - yes, I'm weird....I know; I really don't need you to point it out - I have two guys who do that without compunction; thank you!).

Now I simply must introduce our newest "friends" (yes, I've been lax - but hey!!!  I've been busy!! ).  These are the folks that have seen fit to join in on this random journey - go and say hi! when you have a moment or two.  I have and they are fabulous!

Auntie Gwen
Make Do Mum

Welcome! Welcome!  I'm only a little bit crazy - promise (ignore what the peanut gallery has to say - they aren't that trustworthy!)  (Okay - they really are - but love me anyway??? )


  1. Omg!!!!We sound so much alike!!! Lists!!! Cancer (sign) North Carolina!!! Can't wait to read more!!!and I just saw my name on your blog Thank you!!!!!

  2. Oh Gayle-it sounds like we have MUCH in common! It should be fun getting to know each other!

  3. Awww, don't wear yourself out too much. Can you believe I had ten hours sleep last night...a miracle and I feel so refreshed today!!
    Have a lovely Christmas Gigi with your lovely family. xxxx

  4. You and yours have a safe, wonderful, and hearty Christmas!