December 5, 2009

Well....bless me!

Brighton Mum-TeenAge Angst has seen fit to give me an award - my ego is growing by leaps and bounds! She claims that we are on the same wave-length; I must agree!  Love her!

 This definitely calls for a new pair of shoes!

Of course, there are rules (ick) - I have to answer 20 (!!!!!)  questions about myself then pass it on, so here goes:

1) Your Hair - Generally brown and unruly curls that I must tame on a daily basis (particularly since cutting it - otherwise I look like a wild Q-tip!)
2)Your favourite food - Does chocolate count?  If not, I'm a Mexican Food Lover like you wouldn't believe - unfortunately. . . finding good Mexican in North Carolina is next too impossible.

3)Your dream from last night - I generally don't dream - I sleep to heavily (the world could come to an end and I'd sleep right through it)

4)Your favourite drink - Chardonnay at the appropriate hour.  Otherwise, probably a diet soda or water.  In the morning definitely coffee!!

5)What room are you in? - Surprisingly, the garage!  (hey, it's quiet out here!!!)

6)What is your hobby? Reading, if that counts.  If not, blogging - which really doesn't count since it seems to be a full time job/addiction.

7)What is your fear?  My fear?  Singular??  If I had to pick one - it would probably revolve around Man-Child.

8)Where do you want to be in six years time? I'm pretty happy where I'm at - and hopefully, in six years time, I'll still be happy with where I'm at.

9)Where were you last night?  After hitting an exceptional sale at Belk's after work - I was at home.

10) Muffins? Lemon poppy-seed that a local bakery makes; don't go there often though - it would be determental to my waist line if I did!

11) Last thing you did - just had a wonderful visit from a fabulous friend and her two tiny ones (which reminded me that I am far too old to have tiny ones on a full time basis!)

12) What are you wearing?  Who wants to know!  Jeans, long sleeve cream colored shirt, red sweater, socks and slippers.  Sexy, no?

13) Your TV in your house?  In the living room - probably football.  Currently, the others are off.

14) Vehicle - Toyota Corolla

15) Your favourite store? ANY store is my favorite (hello???? have you met me??)

16) Your favourite colour?  To wear, probably black (very slimming).

17) When was the last time you laughed? Today - both Man-Child and Hubby have that magical ability to make me laugh.

18) When was the last time you cried? Today - over some commercials of all things! (Christmas commercials are notorious for making me cry)

19) Your best friend - I'm lucky; I have several that I couldn't live without!

20) Favourite place to eat - any place that serves really good Mexican; which as I mentioned - can be hard to find in NC - I have to go home for that.

Once again - I'm supposed to pick a few deserving blogs.  But since that is an impossibility for me (as you are all so deserving)....

If you read this - it's yours!  Congratulations.


  1. Loved your 20 - hope you don't mind if I help myself to the award. Much appreciated, I will display it with pride. Thanks.

  2. RY- take it's yours!! I was thinking of you when I offered it! Can't wait to see the BLING next time I visit! Mwah!

  3. Congratulations Gigi.....well deserved. XX

  4. Congratulations on the award Gigi! I might just take it. :)