December 10, 2009

Posting, commenting, keeping up....

Is it only me?

Is there a piece of technology out there that I am missing?

I post - I get validation comments (yay).  Comments are directed directly to my email - so I always get them.


I comment on something and then I have to remember where I commented (which is particularly difficult on new (to me) blogs) and I want to see what the author may have had to say in response - which is the way a lot of authors respond).

Yes, I realize about the "feeds" - but I don't necessarily want to get every single comment or even every single post.  So how do you remember where you've commented so you can follow up?  Am I going to have to create yet another binder?

And YOUguys???  Honestly - y'all are a prolific (and talented) bunch - because keeping up with your posts is almost a full-time job!  And I don't follow that many in comparison to what most of you do.  I'd probably follow more - but I already have a full time job working for Big Brother.  So I try to keep "personal" internet time to a minimum while at work.  But that results in full scale war at home when I try to get some computer time.  Do you have a teen?  Then you know what I mean.  (Yes, I could probably cave and get Man-Child his own computer.  But, I'm THAT mom.  The one who checks his lyrics before letting him buy any songs from iTunes.  I'm the ONE who checks the computer history.  Yes, I do all that.  But in my defense - I only have the one - so it's not toooooo time consuming.  And to be clear - I am NOT a helicopter-parent - at least NOT to the fullest extent.  So why would I let him have his own computer that I don't have full access too?)

So how do you keep up?  Cause I've not figured it out yet. 

And then there is the comments that I get - I want to respond to a certain comment; directly.  How do I know they've come back to see what my response might be?  I've got my site meter report and my Google Analytics - but you know what?  They are ANALYTIC (and, hello!!!! Have you met me??  Logistics?  Not my forte!) .  They don't give me REAL DATA in ENGLISH.  So, I can only hope that YOU are more together than me and check to see if I've responded.

I've attempted to respond via email.  But when I try to respond (no matter what changes to the various settings I have - it wants to give my "real" email.  And I have promised Hubby that I wouldn't give anything away that could cause YOU to be able to hunt us down and KILL us in our sleep - not that I think you would - but HE does!!  Cause he's suspicious like that....) Blackberry!!!  As much as I LOVE this device; it drives me batty.  When Man-Child has taken over the laptop I like to check in on you all.  When you have something that I am in desperate need to respond to (that can't wait until I have the laptop back in my possession) I attempt to respond via blackberry.  Maybe I am too impatient (of course, that can't be it), but apparently, I end up trying to move on to the next blog before the Blackberry has issued my response and then my comment(s) get lost in cyber-space forever!  Do you have any idea how many times I've commented via the Blackberry?  And how many times they've been lost because I've hit the MOVE button?  MANY, my friends, MANY.  There is a whole universe out there is completely made up of my lost comments; which taken out of context - would be EVEN more random than usual!

So if you've written something and think, "DAMN!!!  Gigi NEVER responded!"  (cause I TOTALLY know that you guys are SOOOO dependent upon what I have to say! ::snicker, snicker!::)  Know that I like to respond as much as possible (in fact last night I had several FABULOUS responses - which have NEVER appeared anywhere!) - but due to Man-Child's selfishness (homework - yeah - right!!!) and Blackberry's fickleness - my responses are floating out there in cyber-space somewhere - with NO supervision (God only knows what kind of havoc THAT might wreak!)!!!!  So it's totally NOT my fault!  I keep trying - but the internet Gods  -  just won't let me say my piece.


  1. I've upgraded (I hope) my comment field so when I post next blog (none at moment -inspiration lacking when woken by Car at 6am! it should be easier.
    I do follow loads (I think!) but most don't post daily and so easier to read.
    Remember a post without comments is like a bar without beer!
    Tell your husband South Carolina is too far for me to come and hunt him down but if he ever comes to Wales(!) then he better watch out!!!

  2. Gigi you don't have to worry about a thing. Anyone who reads your blog on a regular basis knows that you're a busy woman and you try as best you can and that is what matters. :)

  3. I'm struggling to keep up too. I will find a link for you or go to Notes from Lapland on my blog.Heather tells a way to read all the blogs through Google reader and you can comment without having to leave it. Sooooo much easier, quicker and better.
    As for the email issue I have that too. I have to copy the address then send from my blog email address- such a pain! XXX

  4. I do blogs weird. I have them all in my favorites and go down the list daily. I have no idea how that is going to work if I ever get a job. But I tend to go back down the list to look at the blogs I commented on most of the time lol


I generally respond to comments via email...if your blog/id is not tied to your email, I will attempt to respond here...but I would strongly suggest that you make your email available if you want to continue the conversation.

Unfortunately, for some reason people with Yahoo emails are receiving bounce-backs. Your comment will be published but I won't be notified; but I will respond once I realize you've left a comment.