December 1, 2009

They are only Christmas cards, Gigi!!!

I know that's what you are thinking!  Yes, in addition to my many talents - I can also read minds (sometimes).

BUT - that is where you are wrong!  It's not so simple as buying the cards, running off labels, stuffing the envelopes, sealing, stamping and mailing. 

No.  Not in Gigi's world; where everything must be extremely convoluted.

Before anything Christmas-related begins; I must pull out this:

This is my Christmas binder.  (No, I'm not insane!  At least not certifiably).  Inside this binder lists are contained.  A Christmas card list, an Open House list, a gift idea list, a master gift list (from every year) that shows who actually got what; etc.

Now the Christmas card list presents it's own problems.  Because there is the who gets the family picture card and who gets Man-Child's portraits (that are taken each year around his birthday for this express purpose) and what size (wallet, 5 x 7, 3 x 4, etc), and who gets just a standard card.

Last year (and this year) I consolidated the Christmas card list and the Open House invitation list (because the cost of the stamps for all this is astronomical and it seemed kinda wasteful to send them separately).  This resulted in even more chaos.

So, I use a list like this:

Name/Address                        Card              Invite            Picture
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Smith            Standard           No                No
Ms. Jane Doe                         Family              Yes               Wallet
Grandma                                Family               No                8x10

Except my list goes on for at least three full pages and seems to grow by leaps and bounds every year.  What can I say - we're popular(?).

In order to execute this plan flawlessly - you must have a system (hence the lists).  So some people get just a standard Christmas card, no invite, no picture.  (And yes, there is a reason for this - because I personally do not like to receive pictures of people I don't actually know.  I constantly get Christmas cards of business associates families.  These are people I've never even met or even talked too!  Why would I want pictures of them?)  Others might get a family picture card and a picture of Man-Child.  And even others might get a family picture card, a picture of Man-Child and an invitation.  And even other might just get a standard card and an invite.

So now you know why I was freaking out yesterday over the Christmas picture.  Because it takes me literally, A FULL DAY to execute the system. 

But you will be happy to know, that the system works and I am almost all done with the my Christmas cards/invites - I just need to finish the standard cards and stuff them.

So, yeah, after reviewing this post - I've decided that I might be a little bit crazy; but in a completely lovable way - right?


  1. definately lovable Gigi xx<3

    Can I ask did you have a Wedding Folder like Monica in Friends.

    Don't hit me!
    Oh and BTW what is an Open House?

    (nearly posted this as HOSE!! - must go to bed!)

  2. Oh my, how this takes me back to my early life. I feel tired already.

  3. BNM - It's a party where the doors open (in this case at 2:00 pm) and people come and go as is convenient. Most, normal, people have an ending time - but we keep the doors open until everyone's gone (which means it sometimes goes very late). Nope to the wedding folder - we semi-eloped; but if hadn't I'm sure I would have! I did have a Construction Binder for when we were building the house though....

    Lakeviewer - I probably would have stopped the madness over the pix by now - but everyone keeps telling me how much they look forward to them every year - oh the pressure!!

  4. OMG! We are so completely opposite! I have to scrabble around for addresses every year, invariably ringing (!) my mother to confirm an address of an aged relative, yet again! The 'open house' idea sounds seems like a nice, relaxed way to throw a party. We have similar here in Brighton during May for the Brighton Festival, but they are 'Art open houses'. Just curious, how do you semi-elope?

  5. I can't believe you have a Christmas binder. That sounds like something I would do! You are so efficient it's awesome.

  6. BM - the Open House is amazing; although prepping is exhausting. Since it's such a busy season; people can come and go as the please. I'll have to do a post on the semi-eloping thing....

    Mrs. Lovely - it only seems like I'm efficient; if I were, I wouldn't be scrambling at the last minute!!!

  7. LOL-- I love what the first commenter said-- WOW you are organized!! I am gonna get this way come January...Right now? Just going to hold on and hope I make it through the Holiday Season!!

  8. Gigi - I am in complete awe of your organisational skills, you can prob guess from my blog I'm not so hot in that dept, I got in thre wrong queue when they were giving that out !

  9. Gigi for some reason I gave up sending cards a few years ago.. I think it was the year my father died. It has been so much easier since.. I dont receive as many which is also fine .. I hate hanging them ! Grinch or what ?? I email .. I do have an open house though on Christmas morning for drinks just 2 hours for neighbours ( we dont have many nearest half a mile away :) I admire you for your effortx

  10. Gigi, your are a tad bit crazy, but the binder is an excellent idea. Every year, I scramble around at the last minute, forget people, or just not send cards out at all. I may have to make a binder of my own. After all, I absolutely love office supplies.

  11. Wow, nice binder. I don't have one of those. I just have a messy address book.

  12. Maybe because it's nearly 2 am head is spinning for you. I'm totally confused. ;0)