December 14, 2009

I fought the tree and the tree won (this round anyway!)

It’s official – the holiday season is in full swing.  There are parties going on everywhere!

The girls got together Friday night; which was fun.  But I cut out early – Friday night gatherings are tough when you get up at 5:00 am.

On Saturday, another holiday party was held.  I probably should have cut out early on that one….but still, a good time was had by all.

Unfortunately, Hubby couldn’t attend because he had to work all weekend.  Once a year there is this dreaded weekend.  Basically, the last time I saw him was on Thursday and that was it until about 4:00 pm on Sunday! 

So Saturday, I put up the tree.  This is not normally something that I do; usually Hubby puts up the tree and deals with the lights and I do the decorating.  But I’m a resourceful and capable girl – I don’t need him to do this for me. 

So I wrestled with the darn tree; finally got it up and proceeded to connect the lights (it’s a pre-lit tree) – because really??  Any idiot can put the plugs in – right?

Apparently not.  I could get all the lights to work – but not at the same time.  Man-Child sat in the chair trying very hard not to laugh as I had it out with the tree.  And then; it happened.

I was electrocuted!!!  (okay – maybe that’s a slight exaggeration – very slight though)  I touched a light and was JOLTED.  After this – I cursed the tree mightily and called it quits.

I decided that I’d tackle the next HUGE item on the list.  Trying to tame the CHAOS that is the garage – so that the smokers on our guest list would have a sheltered and semi-warm place to go next weekend.  Man-Child graciously offered to help (after I plied him with Chinese food and informed him he had no choice.).  After two hours it was done (yes, there is still a bunch of stuff in there – as the damn shed still isn’t finished!) but at least there is room to walk around, etc.

When Hubby finally arrived home on Sunday (as much as I hated to ask since I knew he was wiped out) he fiddled with the lights for me.  Checked bulbs – changed fuses and whatever else you have to do with the lights.  Nada.  So I messed with the again.  Still nothing.  Conclusion – when the tree electrocuted me that particular strand got shorted out.  ::sigh::  So the tree is up and partly lit.  Now, I suppose I need to go find a strand of lights to string into this pre-lit tree before I can even begin to decorate!

It will all get done; eventually.  So in the meantime, I am sitting here at work making lists and thinking of all the things I could be doing….


  1. I don't even have a tree yet lol.

    And I have been electrocuted like that before it totally SUCKS!!!

    I wanted to say thank you on behalf of the smokers. Not everyone is as thoughtful as you are.

  2. I fail. No tree - No lights - not many pressies at the moment either. Yay! go you! ouch ouchy....

  3. Sorry to hear about you being electrocuted but good to know you're none the worse for wear. :)