December 7, 2009


Is this what I've been missing??  Because let me tell y' was FABULOUS!!!
Barely any brain jolts and all and the ENERGY????  Is this what it feels like to be on speed or is this is what I always feel like when I am drug-free?

I BOUNCED (okay - if the truth be told dragged my sorry butt) out of bed this morning.  But I felt rested and ready to go (and only hit the snooze twice instead of my usual five or six) (which of course meant there was no frantic rush out the door!  I set my alarm extra-early to account for those five or six hits to the snooze - so this morning it was almost leisurely.)

I was ready to be as productive as possible today (I even cleaned our bathroom before I left for work!)(even if I didn't have any real work looming-I was ready to tackle the crap work I've been putting off).  And I was fairly productive this morning (except for all the random interruptions - including a call from one lady that took at least 20 minutes and was not related to work or anything that I'm involved with; usually).  And then the proverbial crap hit the fan - and I was TOTALLY productive this afternoon.  I have literally been on my feet since about 1:30 pm and have just now called it a day (it's 7:00-ish pm). 

Even after being on my feet all afternoon and running like a crazy woman - I came home this evening with some energy left over.  So I proceeded to make about 86 peanut butter cookies (but this is only because my math totally sucks!  I only needed to make 4 dozen; but like a dummy doubled the recipie that makes 48..... yeah, you do the math....) for a church-thing that I got talked into.  But.....get this.....they aren't needed until Wednesday.  But they are DONE.  And I still have some energy left over (not much-but my brain is clear and purposeful!). 

Usually by now I am done and counting down to what might be considered a "reasonable" hour to go to bed (say 8:00-8:30 pm!).  I used to be a crazy night owl and then not so much - never attributed my tiredness to the drug (I'll have to Google that).  So maybe the worst is past (I hope and pray!!)?  Hmmm, the guys might benefit from this as the house might get cleaned more often and other things will get done and not at the last minute (although they may also suffer because I might be hyper-aware of the crap they don't do that they should......).

But I want to thank you all for your support (you've been totally AWESOME!!!).  (A special thank-you to CM; I think my amethysts also helped (and not going cold turkey!)  I'm planning on sending some, along with some tiger-eye, to a friend who needs help!)

So...with all that being said - let's hope the worst is past and I can get back to being ME (you know - well you don't since you've never met the real me....hang on to your hats then!  It should be fun.)

Hugs & kisses!!!!!

OH - I almost forgot!  Welcome to Kelly, who just became a friend!  You, my dear, are in for a wild ride!

P.S. seriously y'all????  It's 8:30 pm and I'm still going.....


  1. Wow, all the germs in my house has really kept me out of the that I'm trying to catch up with my blog friends, I've realized how much I've missed! Gigi, I'm so glad your day went well today; I'm honored that you're sharing this challenge with all of us. Hope tomorrow is OMIGOSH-worthy too!

  2. I'm glad you've got some energy! Do you think you can send some this way!

  3. So glad you are feeling better .. Yes lack of energy can be a symptom I am sure. Just wait until you have sex that is 100 % better too :)

  4. Brilliant.....what a revelation. Pleased the crystal has helped as well. That must have been a lot of peanuts you got through! ;0)

  5. Liz - I'm sorry those germs are still at your house! :-(

    BNM - I would, but I think I used it all up...

    WC - Really????

    CM - Yes, I've been up to my eyeballs in peanuts!! I bought a little bracelet of amythests and whenever it seemed like things were getting overwhelming I used them like worry beads!

  6. So glad you're feeling better!!


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