December 30, 2009

Okay folks - a reason not to whine!

UPDATE:  I noticed this morning that I left out four small but important words out of the title.  It should have read: Okay folks - a reason for me not to whine!

Because otherwise, it reads like I am saying You are whiners.  You are not.  But I seem to have been whining a lot lately.  Sorry for the confusion this may have caused.  Thank you.

Note to self: okay dummy; when you proof-read - it would help if you proofed the title as well..... 

Dear, dear Melissa must have read between the lines and realized that I needed some love today.

Bless her, she has awarded me this very lovely award - which is sooooo totally me right now (one big Haute Mess.).

This vacation (and kicking the meds - which Wilderness Chic's post reminded me of the after effects) must be getting to me.  That and; being home with Man-Child daily and my over-achieving to-do list (yes, folks - I know I'm crazy - I truly don't need reminding!).

I'm thinking I need to go back to work SOON!

As much as I love being off - I like being off on my own terms.  Back when M-C was still able to go to day-care....those days off were great!  I followed my own agenda without anyone else's needs or wants.  I need to re-adjust my mind set I suppose. 

Today, I got the rest of the decorations taken down - all by myself.  Except for the house lights.  And I won't even go into where my disposition went after that realization (except for the fact that maybe we won't EVEN HAVE CHRISTMAS next year.  Just sayin'....but check back next year - 'cause yeah...I know how I am....)

So, anyway without further ado, let's award this thing (all of you are worthy - if you want it claim it - please do so.  I love you all but am only supposed to mention a few) but I'm thinking some of these ladies need some love:

Bare Naked Mummy (can I say?  I love her!!!)

Chic Mama (too awesome for words - really  I've known her almost from the beginning!)

Brighton Mum - Teenage Angst (we are sooooo  in the same place right now!!)

Enjoy ladies!!!

By the way, stole Man-Child's old iPod since he got a new one.  Oh. My. Hell!!!  It's almost like being a teenager again (remember - with the Walkman?)!!!!  I've been "jammin" all afternoon!  Have I dated myself????  But do you know how nice it is too zone out completely?  Being able to block out whatever "they" are doing while you do your own thing?  This may be my saving grace (and I've only got 32 songs on it so far....)!

Much love to y'all!  Tomorrow will be AWESOME!


  1. If you are trying to make me cry then succeeded.(Is that spelled right!)
    Ta for the award will sort it out in New Year. Have a good one!
    Much love to you BNMx

  2. Know how you feel!! Do you really love the Ipod? My daughter ( in her 30's) wants one and I wasn't really sure she would even use it.

  3. thanks for the links- BNM and I are living parallel lives, except for the godmother part... SIGH.

  4. I had a walkman when I was a kid and I loved it!! I have a good old fashioned MP3 player now. :)

  5. Awww thank you very much Gigi. XXX