December 17, 2009

First Day of Vacation and I'm Exhausted!

I've been a very busy one today.  Up and out early to drop M-C off at school, then off to the craft store to pick up a few things, out to the department store for a few gifts and back home to begin to trim the tree.

It took two hours just to get the tree (and other various chores) done.  I did not even put a dent in the boxes and boxes of decorations.  But that's okay.  Obviously, I didn't need them (of course I haven't been back in to critique the tree....I probably shouldn't - cause that itch to just tweak it a little might show up).

Then back out for a bit more shopping and a trim (I love my guy; but really?? I'm a bit miffed at how much he charged for a trim!!!  It's not like I was whacking all my hair off again!)

Back home for a wrapping marathon.

I'm wiped out; but in a good kind of way!  And still so much to get done (oh; like cleaning the freaking house!) (By tomorrow afternoon I am sure I will have reached the point where I say - why bother?  It'll be wrecked after the party anyway....I should wait until after the party....and although I will sooooooo say that - I won't be able to follow through - because hello!!! people are coming over!)  (Yes, I know, I am a bundle of contradictions.  At least you don't have to live with me!  Feel sorry for those that do!)

And I keep thinking - oh, I'll be able to relax after Saturday.  Yeah, right.  I know me.  I know me so well!  (I guess I should after all these years of living with me!).  I've got plans!  Big plans.  When I have time on my hands - I turn to projects.  And I've already got a few fermenting in the back of my brain - including switching closets with hubby.  He won't like it at all (like his son; he dislikes change in a BIG way).  But y'all!  My closet is a bit bigger BUT the light sucks, it's too narrow and I think I would like his better and it would be better suited for all my shoes.  And you know what?  He won't care once he gets used to the change.  And it's not like he spends any time in his closet like I do!

So that's one project.  Another might or might not involve paint.  WHAT?  It's a great time to paint - it's too cold to do anything outside!  (Yes, I admit - I have been known to spend New Year's Eve with a gallon of paint...but in my defense - Hubby was at work and Man-Child (who was but a small one) was asleep - what else did I have to do?)

Both Hubby and Man-Child have both asked, on numerous occasions, "Can't you just ever relax?!"  Apparently, I'm afraid, the answer is no.  I was born to be industrious I suppose.  I mean really?  How can you relax when there are things to be done? (If you know the answer to this - please let me know!)


  1. Oh dear! you exhaust me! I can only just about keep up with your bloggy ramblings, let alone your actual life! Why on earth are you thinking of changing closets & painting just before christmas...stop...I need a lie down. Please tell me you're not thinking of trying to do all this before next friday??? (you are joking..right?)..some of us still have shopping to do...Eekk!

  2. LOL-no I'm not thinking of doing these things before Christmas! But immediately after for sure! I may be crazy; but I'm not THAT crazy!

  3. Thank god for that! You had me worried for a second or two! Phew! Relax...enjoy your time off work..sit on your terrace/veranda thingy..chill. I secretly think you are a little crazy! (in a good way)xxx

  4. It's FAR too cold to be out on the back porch...BUT you have given me some insight. When it's warm & - I can be out there lazing away I am - so it must be the cold weather that forces me to find things to do, other than laze around like a fat cat! (And, yes, I am a bit crazy but that's what makes me so lovable!)

  5. HA! I misread part of this post and thought you'd said "I'll be wrecked by the end of the party"....HA!

    Don't worry. I re-read it.

    All guys hate change, I think. We're much more adaptable than they are. That's why we live longer.

  6. Your logic makes sense to me. COLD...we have just had about 4-5 inches of SNOW! (weyhay!!)in 2 hours. We rarely get snow on the south coast here, so people have been doing odd things (like my 18 yr old opening his loft window, wide, and videoing "It's snowing in my bedroom!" then posting it on FB.Haha! (Yup, it made me laugh!)..and stop finding things to do!.....write more blogs or something...xx

  7. Ha! Kathryn between you & me - I feel sure I probably will be wrecked by the end of the party! It starts @ 2:00 & ends whenever the last person is gone - you do the math! Sounds like one, two,three, maybe four too many glasses of wine!

    BM they are predicting snow-or something-here in the next two days and people are going crazy buying bread & milk. I ask you - how in the heck is bread & milk supposed to help you out during a snow/ice storm?

  8. Sounds like a relaxing day..... NOT

    I have been wrapping for two days. Yesterday I walked all over the house looking for the damn stupid where the hell is it paper cutter getting madder and madder only to find it in my hand. UGH