December 9, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like......(and other news)


Open House - approx. 2 weeks away (not to mention Christmas the following week!!!!). Any preparations done? No. Don't even have the trees up yet. Yes, trees. The way this house it set up the only place to see a tree from the front is if it's in the foyer - which is set up perfectly for one. But honestly, who wants to spend Christmas morning sitting on the floor in the foyer. So I put a fake, smaller one in the living room. I asked hubby to get me a tree last weekend (when the weather was beautiful). Mr. "Over-the-Top" himself, actually said to me: "Don't you think that's overdoing it?" Grrrrr. I WILL get that damn tree if I have to tie it to the top of my tiny, little car all by myself. He only said this, I'm sure, because it was Sunday and the football games were on. Oh, yes, he'll be reminded of this for a time to come.

Gifts?? Well, to be truthful, after doing inventory (and some wrapping) tonight - I'm feeling okay in this department.  Still have a few things to get - but nothing that can't be done before the big day gets here.

Cards/invites - done. No panic there.

The gifts that have to be shipped to family?? Total panic mode up until this evening. Everything is now wrapped, packed and labeled. Hubby doesn't know it yet but he'll be carting them to the post office tomorrow. It's his contribution to the whole deal. I figure if I have to figure out what to get his family, buy it, wrap it, pack it up - then the least he can do is stand in line at the post office.

Decorating the house?  Sooooo not done.  Yes, the outside is done.  But the rest?  No.  I did put the candles in the window.  But discovered this morning that someone has removed one of the bulbs.  No one has bothered to tell me why or has even informed me that we needed a new bulb.  Haven't they realized yet who they are dealing with?  Of course I'm going to notice that it's missing.  Just tell me about it for crying out loud.  I have yet to actually maim anyone over a missing bulb.  But not telling me - well, that might get you hurt.  (Although this does remind me of a funny conversation Man-Child and I had last weekend - I'd try to re-count it here but it's been too long ago for me to remember it all so I'd end up telling it wrong and just having to delete it all and, as I recall, it was one of those "you had to be there" moments - because when we tried to tell Hubby about it - he didn't seem to find it as funny as we did.).

Cleaning the house?  Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!  Really?  Who has time for that at a time like this?  It'll most likely be a last minute, crazed session where everyone who happens to be around gets sucked into helping whether they like it or not.

Work?  Also in mini-panic there.  No real reason - just want to get everything wrapped up before I head out for vacation next Thursday - so I don't have to face anything bigger than I have to when I return.

In other news - in case you are wondering - the weaning seems to have been successful.  Just a few minor jolts now and again, it seems I am extraordinarily emotional as well - which also seems to include a few mini-rants on my part - but that's nothing new! ;-)

Hubby's shed - which is beginning more and more to look like a guest house (and I have discovered is costing waaaaaayyyyy more than my conservative estimate) - is slowly coming along.  Sorry no picture - I'll wait until it's done.  My shower has still yet to be repaired - at least they've been able to temporarily stop the leak and repair the kitchen ceiling (and yes, I realize that it began to leak before Halloween and we are now staring down Christmas!  Why, I ask you, has it taken so long???).  My fear is that they will decide that next week is the perfect time to fix it.  At this point, if they can wait until after next Saturday I'd be very happy with that.

Other than (all) that - life has been pretty ho-hum here at Gigi's place (::snicker::).  How's it going with y'all?  Are you ready for Christmas yet?


  1. Well I have to admit, I need no preperations this year. We are taking the kids and running away to Florida. Don't even have to put up a tree. Really looking forward to it. Don't worry, it will all come together in the end.

  2. You are one of those lovely people who gets it all together, and on time. You know that you are setting the bar way too high.

  3. RY - go!!! Enjoy yourselves! It will be fabulous.

    LV - yes, I know I set the bar too high and I know it will all come together in the end (and if it's not perfect - the world won't end - probably).

    But I know if I can't get it out I will explode (literally. Maybe. Maybe not. But most likely).

    I also know that thishouse is the only house in the world where a light bulb can unscrew itself and walk away without anyone noticing...

    I'm just sayin'....someone knows something and they will talk! ;-)

  4. Baths are great sometimes, but only when you really want to take one!

  5. I often wonder why they call it the holidays .. it is nothing like a holiday for us women!
    I am better this year than previous but the food side I really need to get my thinking head on !! Dont puch yourself too hard relax a little it will be better all round xxx

  6. It takes soooo long to put up decorations doesnt it. And breathe........... xx