December 31, 2009

Happy New Year my friends!

Yes, the new year is upon us in approximately 4 hours. 

I've been perusing all your blogs and you guys are amazing.  I've read reflections of the past year.  I've read resolutions for the year to come.

And then you came reflections.  No resolutions.

I could go that route.  But it might be a tad big boring.  The look back?  Ehh.  The only big news - we moved into this house .... but upon further reflection I realize - that's not true.  We moved in 2008.....  Hmmmm; not much else.  Oh wait!  I started blogging and have met you all! 

Resolutions?  Oh my stars - I've pretty much given up on those; because as we all know; once I start a list it goes on forever and tends to be overly ambitious (quit snickering!) ......which pretty much guarantees failure in resolutions because you can only realistically hope to accomplish one or two.

BUT I have realized why I've been so grouchy of late (I know you are cheering - thinking optimistically that this means I won't be so whiny).  

I've realized that none of the projects I wanted to accomplish are making any headway - whether due to a lack of cash or lack of Hubby's assistance (though not his fault as he's been working!) and the prospect of going back to work looms (wherein I won't have the time to worry about my projects!).

I'm the kind of girl who wants it done and wants it done NOW!  Yeah - patience?  Not my forte.

So today I ventured out to our local Home Depot; bought some paint and proceeded to paint that wall in the closet.  So now, whenever it happens - the shelves can go directly up.  And in the meantime I get to enjoy the splash of color every morning.

I have always liked the look of painted stripes; so this is what I attempted.  And can I tell you that this was probably the first and only of my paint projects that did not end up with me totally covered in paint?  I didn't even get any in my hair!  A New Year's Miracle, I tell you!  It also ended up looking almost exactly like I envisioned - bonus!  I'd show you pictures; but first I have to go find the camera's software - download it - transfer the pictures, etc.  (ehhh, the downside to having a new computer?  You  can't just plug in your camera and expect it to do what it's always done!) so you'll just have to wait.

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year's Eve.  Tomorrow we begin the journey that is 2010.  I'm so glad to be heading into the New Year with you all!  I have high expectations (I know, I know - quit laughing - I can't help it!) for the New Year!!!  It'll be great!

and hopefully some of my projects will get accomplished ......


  1. Oh I can't wait to see the picture of the wall!

  2. You sound so much like me except I would have waited for my husband to paint that wall.

  3. Happy new Year Gigi I am following you on Twitter and have sent you some" @gigi's ":) check out your replies mentioning you xxxx

  4. Happy New Year to you with love from another impatient I want it now sort of a gal. xxxx

    ps I have passed that on to my youngest daughter, karma is a bitch !!!!!!

  5. Oooh, painting stripes? Sounds scary! Hope your 2010 is GREAT (and lighter!)... =)

  6. Ahh but Gayle - as much as Hubby hates to paint .... and getting him to do stripes? Never would have happened.

    Liz - stripes only sound scary. The hardest part is the taping it off and getting them even. After that it's easy-peasy.

  7. Happy New Year Gigi!!!! Wishing you, hubby & MC love, health and happiness for 2010. The stripes sound wonderful. Well done on not getting it in your hair (that sounds like me!! I am a messy painter & I have painted almost every room in this ancient, huge house, so thats a lot of paint!)I'm with you on the resolutions, always doomed to fail at those, so I don't do them either. Much love xx

  8. Yes, it WILL be great, sweetie! Okay...find that freakin' camera software...I wanna see the painted stripes that didn't wind up in your hair.

    Yes, totally a New Year's miracle...I never could have managed that! (The last time I painted, I found some on my pillow and some on my calculator. WTF??)

  9. Reading the posts backwards-
    Ooops yes you did do the stripes. Very straight, very impressed.
    Happy New Year to you too....I'm so glad we have 'met' . xxxxx