December 22, 2009

I've got a list (or two, or three, or more - don't judge!).....

Okay, before we get to the actual post - I simply must get this off my chest.  PEOPLE - IT IS ILLEGAL TO BLOCK INTERSECTIONS!  It causes gridlock and angry people (most notably, ME!).  This has become my biggest pet peeve.  And yes, I have become that crazed lady who will yell at you if you make this infraction.  So STOP IT!!!!!  ::breathe in; breathe out; breathe in; breathe out - and relax::

Ahem.... so anyway.....

So I'm a list maker - as you might recall.  I have made a list of things (okay projects) that I want to complete before I head back to ::shudder:: work on the 4th.

Today - I tackled the pantry.  I realize that the kitchen is Hubby's baliwick and try to stay out BUT he is a complete pack-rat and such a closet slob (that means he hides his slobbiness - rather than reveling in it out loud) that I can't help it.  When I walk into the pantry and I start to get hives from the mess I know it is time for me to intervene (or read: my OCD kicked in to overdrive!).  (it also didn't help that when we moved in things just kinda got thrown in everywhere with no rhyme or reason).

So I waded in this morning.  It took me most of the morning - but I think I have created a semblence of calm out of the chaos.

But seriously???  The things I found?  Particularly in the pasta family?  I will re-count for you (because yes, after a bit I began to make notes!) - but keep in mind - we are a family of THREE!

8 boxes of Rigatoni
4 boxes of Penne
2 boxes of Jumbo Shells
1 box of Ziti
1 box of Manicotti
1 box of Lasagna
2 bags of tortellini
2 boxes of Gemilli
1 box of elbow macaroni
1 box of Risotto
9 boxes of thin spaghetti (and this is after I consolidated at least three open boxes!)
1 box of Angel Hair
3 bags of rice (open - all the same type)
2 EMPTY pickle jars (WTH?)

Don't believe me?  I have proof!!!  At least regarding the pasta - see?

That's a LOT of pasta people!!!!

When Hubby was questioned about the absurd amount of pasta that is in our pantry (because - remember - there is only three of us!!!) - he informed me that he buys it when it's on sale and that it doesn't go bad. 

Hmmmmmm.  Really?  Cause I can use the same argument when it comes to shoes.........

He also informed me that we are basically ready for any natural disaster (like we'll be wanting to chow down on pasta in the midst of a disaster!).

So that's one item knocked off a list....what to conquer next??

UPDATE:  I just found two more boxes of Penne in the garage!!!  Is there a support group for men who are addicted to buying pasta??


  1. Have you checked any other possible hiding places for Pasta? You know, like all those secret stash places? Or maybe he's thinking of using your 'huge shed' to stockpile the stuff?! Maybe you should check out there too?? Or perhaps he's hidden it in brown paper bags, so you don't know it's pasta? Thats a hell of a lot of pasta for 3 people...

  2. Since I buy in bulk, I do understand how that could happen. Besides, pasta does have a long shelf life.

  3. Six Feet Under (welcome!!!) - it's only funny if you aren't LIVING it!!

    BMTA - believe me, I'm checking all the obvious spots - he definitely has a problem!

    LV - there is buying in bulk and then .... there is "buying in bulk"....

  4. I do agree with your shoe argument but as for the hubby, better an addiction to buying pasta than more expensive things (allowing more for your shoes)

  5. Yes you definitely can use the same argument when referring to shoes - anything that gets us more kitten heels is worth a go!

  6. He has some types of pasta I've never even heard of!
    I'd get him down to a PA meeting (Pasta Anonymous) as soon as possible.

  7. lol! we stockpile pasta too. but now that i'm watching calories i don't make it often :P

    we have intersection blockers here...sometimes clog the way for several light cycles. not a big fan of people when i'm driving.

  8. Hehe.....I'm a bit like that. I like to be prepared for a major disaster. Although lately, I realised when we were snowed in last week,the freezer and the larder were virtually stripped bare. I always have 100's of toilet rolls too. X