December 29, 2009

Venting, venting, a little bit more venting and then the good stuff?

Okay, I get it.  In this house I am the "tech support" - even when I don't know what I'm doing.

Usually, I'm fine with it.

But sometimes?  I get tired of hearing, "Mooooommmmmm - the computer, my iPod, the dvd player, etc. is doing xyz!"  Or, "Honey?  How do you do this in email, Word, fix the clocks, etc."

Usually, I enjoy the challenge of figuring out the problem. 

But today?  It seems like all I have done is deal with electronics.  (Logically, I know I haven't - but it sure feels that way).  This is the normal feeling after Christmas I suppose - since Santa (read ME) always feels the need to buy electronics for the guys.  New iPod?  Mom'll set it up.  New camcorder? Gigi'll set it up.  Robot?  Mom'll take care of it (okay - this one was a while back-but still!).

Seriously?  Am I the only person who knows how to read directions in this house?  I'm truly beginning to think so.

If there is something that must be put together (whether it's my project or not) I get pulled into it to make sure that a certain someone (read: HUBBY) follows the proper steps to complete the project/object - otherwise?  We've had to take stuff apart and start all over; seriously.

Okay - done venting.

Today my mission has been the closet (because yes, I'm obsessive about certain things - and as hubby so eloquently pointed out on more than one occasion - once I set my sights on something...I'm like a pit bull - which may explain why I usually enjoy the challenge that their tech questions pose).  After much analysis (which involved a rather lot of math - so be proud-because we all know that I suck at math!  So much so that dear Hubby actually bought me a calculator for Christmas!!!  Yeah - I'd be upset but he more than made up for it with his other presents) I've determined that my best bet may be wire shelving.  Not the prettiest stuff - but it's fairly cheap, it holds more shoes than a standard shelf and once I remove, cut and repurpose some shelving that I already have (which brings to mind - builders?  Really??  You need to have women on your team to tell you when you are doing something dumb design-wise!  Because some of the stuff you do?  Really?  It makes no sense.  And then the wife has to come behind you and fix stuff.....) - cuts the total cost more than half.  So with that issue settled...I can now begin the actual project - it may actually get accomplished before I go back to work (hmmmmm-that kinda sounds like wishful thinking!  Okay maybe a portion of it can be accomplished).

I did get a good portion of Christmas decorations down this morning - but you know what?  A naked Christmas tree is very sad.  So tomorrow morning - it comes down.  Because that sad, bare tree?  I can't look at it anymore.  But I will miss the lights along the mantels and bannister.  I think I may keep them in the ficus tree for a while though - just a touch of magic.  Of course, I had to call Hubby at work and ask where he hid the stockings (because as usual, while picking up - he hid them - but, bless him, he was picking up - so no big complaint) so that I could put them away properly in order to find them again next year - because we have been known to lose things because they weren't put away properly - not that I'm assigning blame (okay - yes I am!  Because he - nor Man-Child for that matter! - ever put stuff where it belongs!).

Hmmmm - maybe there was more venting in this post than I first thought.....

Let's end it on a good note then! 

It was a good day!  The sun was shining and I've figured out the closet issue!  The stockings were found, most of the electronics figured out and the majority of the decorations are down!  Yay!

All in a day in the life of Gigi.....


  1. Jimmy is the tech here....and though he pretends to hate it, I know he loves it.

    At least I tell myself that, because he doesn't have a choice.


  2. yup I am the oracle here ... well I was now my son is 100x better LOL

  3. you are the IT genius because men (of all ages) don't read instructions!

  4. I know nothing about tech husband, Gerald is the tech person with me reading the directions.

    On the closet ...I had my husband put the wire closet things in mine years ago and I hated it (didn't like seeing things through the wires) Made him take it all back down...he about killed me.. good luck with yours...

    Haven't even started taking down directions

  5. Same here. I have to do all those things, AND find everything! What is it with men that they can't FIND anything? My husband will look for something, then yell for me, I tell him where it is, he says, "I looked" and then I find it exactly where I told him it was. Drives me crazy!

  6. Oh I've got quite a bit more venting going on today! It's official! I'm NEVER doing Christmas again! I put it all up and I take it all down - they want it next year? They can do it - I quit.

  7. Doesn't feel good to vent though?! We're hear to listen so let it all out Gigi. :)

  8. Gigi my love, you are a hot mess so I have awarded you "The Haute Mess" award. :) Come on over to see.

  9. Well. Where is the surprise in this? You are the only female in this house...correct? And you wonder why you're the only one who reads directions?


    Hello, fellow techhie. Welcome! Grab a pocket protector and take a seat. That spot right there is where you bang your head against the wall....

  10. Men...they simple can't survive without us, can they?