December 21, 2009

It's That Time Again!

For my gratitude list (yes, I've been lax; thanks for not pointing it out.  Just add that to the list!)

I am grateful the party was a success (and is OVER) and that everyone seemed to have a good time and made it home safely!  Truly, truly - I did enjoy myself and I do look forward to it every year; but for some reason this year leading up to it seemed extraordinarily stressful; so I'm glad it's behind me.

I am grateful that darling Man-Child was extra helpful this morning (could the bribe of lunch out have had something to do with it?  Probably; most likely) without too much moaning.  But with his assistance, I was able to get the house back in shape fairly quickly and move on to other things.  Such as.....

I'm grateful the majority of my shopping is done and wrapped.  Just a few stocking stuffers left to buy and a couple more gifts to wrap!

I am grateful that, for the moment, the laundry is pretty well caught up (mark this day in red, my friends, because you won't hear me say that for a while, I'm sure!).

I'm grateful to have finally figured out why some of your comments aren't coming across my email (damn Spam filter!  You are soooo not Spam!).

I'm grateful to have finally figured out how to respond to you on the Blackberry via email without giving away vital information that could cause you to track us down (more Hubby's worry than mine; given that he keeps reminding me of the possibility that you could all be serial killers!  Hmmphhh!  What are the odds that you could all  be serial killers?!).

I'm grateful that I've had the time off to figure out this stuff!!!!!

I'm grateful that the shed is almost finished (at least the outside, except for the door and the paint).  Hubby now informs me that it must be drywalled (really??? It's a shed!!!!) and the electricity must be run (again, it's a shed!!  Does it really need all these things?) and then it most likely will be done.  (hmmph, I'm not buying it.  I believe this monstrosity will continue to grow!).

I am really, really grateful that the guys are out watching the game (that apparently you can't get on our television for whatever reason).  It is sooooo nice to have the quiet (after all the activity this past weekend!).

I am grateful to have seen a very, good friend that I haven't seen in a while.  Just to hear her laugh and to see her beautiful face and smile -- totally made my day.

And you, of course, my dear friends!  Reading through your musings today - made me very, very happy to have "met" you.  You've all touched my heart in various ways - so thank you - I am very grateful to have you in my life.

And what are you grateful for this coming week?

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  1. I am so grateful that I am off of work!!! Love reading your blog!!