December 16, 2009

Complaints about Blackberry and Facebook, oh and guess what?

I'M FREEEEEEE!!! (until January 4th anyway!)

Hopefully that will give me time to figure out what the hell is up with the Blackberry (any help out there??).

It's supposed to show me whenever I have new comments.  Guess what?  I've missed quite a few apparently.  I've just logged into Blogger and clicked on Edit Posts to prepare a new post (which has quite gone out the window at this point) and noticed that there were more comments on certain posts than I recalled.  So I checked. 

Yup - I've missed quite a few comments from some of you (so very sorry!!).  Several I know I received - others?  No notification at all.  Infuriating.  I've also noticed that on some of your blogs I can comment directly from the Blackberry; others?  Forget about it - the option just isn't there - WTH is up with that? 

So this beautiful Blackberry that I love like crazy - is driving me just a little bit crazy. 

For that matter so is Facebook.  It has been pointed out to me today that the new privacy settings are off-kilter a bit.  Now, I have been locked down tighter than Fort Knox on Facebook; NO ONE can find me (not even Hubby or close friends) - I've had to find the ones that I do have.  I'm thinking now that my privacy may be compromised.  The only reason I'm even on Facebook is to check up on Man-Child and to keep up with a few long-distance friends.  So far, I seem to be immune - but others aren't (including the CEO of Facebook - since his "personal" pictures have recently been featured on the news!).  But it makes me uneasy.  I don't want people finding me.  If I wanted to have contact with them - I would have made contact.  If I haven't made contact - then, guess what?  I don't want any contact with you.  Period.  (does that make me mean?)  Probably - but I don't care.  If I (or you) have had no interest in keeping up prior to now - what makes you think that all of a sudden I'm interested?

::sigh:: Technology.  It's ever evolving and trying to keep up is a freakin' full time job!  And it makes it harder to keep your private stuff - well, private.  And with all the scam artists out there - it's hard enough.

In fact, I just heard today that certain hotels have been informed that if someone calls and just asks to be put through to a room number they are not to do it - unless the caller has the name of the person in that room.  Why? Because these people are being patched through and pretending to be the front desk needing the guest's credit card information for whatever reason.  Viola'!  They are then set for a spending spree. Creepy, no?

Okay - I'm done ranting.  Am now on to gloating.  I'M FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!

In fact, one of the guys at work today told me I had a "perma-grin" all day and wondered why - until I informed him that I was done!  Adios baby - see ya next year!

Our office gathering was a complete success (for those that are interested); except for one hold out.  She didn't bring anything and she did not participate (yes, it was that one).  Oh well .... her loss.  Lots of great food and goodies.  Green bean bundles and almond bark - TOTAL success.  In fact when I laid out the bundles I heard, "Oooooohhhh! I remember those from last year!"  They were gone in a matter of hours!  Of course, M-C pouted this morning telling me that I never make them for him.....little does he know, I have the ingredients at the ready - prepared to make him his very own special batch (with a few samples for me, of course!) (Yes, I know they sound icky - (and really? I'm not a green bean  fan, usually) but these things are to die for!  Once you wrap bacon around them and coat them with a butter and brown sugar mixture......ummmmmmm, yummy!)

Okay - I've been informed that someone can't do his homework since I'm on the computer and I've rambled on enough.  So dear captive audience ('cause I just know that this post has been utterly fascinating!) I must close.  Good night.  And remember.....



  1. If you set your comments to moderating them, before publishing you will see each comment as they have to go through you first .. that is why I do it so I get to read all. As some people catch up on old posts and comment.
    I am the opposite to you I love Facebook as it has brought me in contact with so many old friends across the globe xxx

  2. I am no help at all!
    So I will just add in my Yeah for you too:)
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Technology...don't you just love it! or not! The more there is the more there is to go wrong...Sorry, I can't help with the comment thingy. That Hotel thing is just creepy creepy...Eeekk!