December 28, 2009

Update on computer and other ramble-y stuff

Thank you all for your comments - I knew you would get just how traumatic it was - and you did!

And thank you Kathryn, for checking in to see how my new relationship is going (and, btw - what is a Cloudy?  I must have missed the exlanation).
As for the new relationship - it's slow going.  It sure is shiny and pretty though.

The keyboard is completely different.  I was going to post last night - but after somehow deleting my post twice, I gave up.  It may have had something to do with the extra glass (or two) of wine . . . but I don't think so, since I just accidently deleted the previous sentence - and have not consumed more than my fair share of wine (which may change if it keeps deleting stuff!).  If I recall - it was going to be AWESOME.  It's gone now though - so you are stuck with this one.

When we upgraded the computer - we also upgraded to Windows 7.  Yeah - it's all shiny and pretty too - but am still figuring some of it out.  You know how normally you have that special "undo" button for when you do something stupid - like deleting your entire post?  Well, apparently Microsoft decided that it would be hilarious to hide that button.  Yeah - very funny Microsoft.  I have just found it though - so maybe we won't have those issues anymore.

Well in other news - the closet switch has been made.  Poor Hubby.  He just walked into his closet; looked around; shook his head and said, "I just don't understand...."  He looked like a little kid whose candy cane had just fell into the dirt.  It was actually funny.  The man cannot stand change (hmmm - then maybe marrying me wasn't the best idea.....)

I would post pictures - but it's not "finished" yet.  I want to put up shelves for my pretties (read: shoes).  So until I can come up with the extra cash (because hello? I just spent a bunch on a new 'puter and Christmas) it will have to wait.  BUT, in the meantime I think I'd like to pick a color and paint the area that will be behind the shelves.....maybe a red - or a shocking pink.  I'll have to think about it.

But in the switch I discovered that apparently, I have my own hoarding tendencies (and no! My shoes do NOT qualify as hoarding - they are very necessary!).  Apparently, I own 6 white tank tops - five of which are not only exactly alike - but are also the same brand.  Ditto with the 5 black tank tops.  Admittedly, I do adore tank tops for the summer and under jackets and sweaters in the winter - but seriously?  And since I'm confessing - I might as well admit that I also tend to stockpile papertowels and toilet paper.  But seriously?  That does not compare in the least to Hubby's hoarding tendencies - which would go way beyond pasta and tomatoes, if I let him!

I spent the day with a very good friend today.  I took her to a movie and lunch for her birthday.  I think she was just excited to get out of the house without kids (she has two tiny ones).  We saw "It's Complicated."  Do you know - this is probably the first "girl" movie I've seen in over a year (yeah - that's what happens when you live with boys and all your girlfriends have small children)!!!  I loved it.  It is very funny!  We have determined that we must do that more often.

Anyhow - from all your posts it looks as if you all had a great Christmas!  And here we are - staring 2010 down.  I think (hope) that it will be a very good year!!!  Hopefully one without any computer mishaps.....


  1. Gigi, at least you have a laptop. I'm still using a desktop, but one day I'll be able to afford one. They need to come down in the price just a liiiiitle bit more (smile).

  2. So glad to hear I am not the only "hoarder" My problem...I have shirts from like 1996 that I KNOW I am never going to use, yet I hang on to them Just In Case! LOL
    I'll look forward to those closet pics

  3. Momsweb - Knowing how clumsy this boy is - I probably should have gone with a desktop....

    Modern Mom - I really only hoard paper products and mainly out of necessity. I can clearly recall, as a child running out of tp at a critical moment.....traumatizing.

  4. Glad you got a computer so fast...How hard is Windows 7...I am putting off letting my husband install it because I'm afraid that it's going to be problem learning!!

  5. Actually Gayle - it's not that different - and pretty easy to figure out as it still basically the same concept. You can go to and tour it first. Now what is different is Office 2007 (word, excel, etc) - which is a totally different product - but again; it's the same concept but a different look and again easy to learn. If you are looking to upgrade to that - I'd recommend downloading their free 60 day trial version to play with first.

  6. Well it's good to know you're bonding with your new laptop. :) And also good to know that It's Complicated is good because I really want to see it!

    Hope you're able to form a special new bond with the new laptop. :)

  7. Oh no, I bet you were fuming when you lost your posts. I hope it doesn't take you too long to work it all out properly.
    And yes Five white and five black tank tops is obsessive I think lol. xx

  8. You are so funny. So, maybe I missed it since I've been gone for a month, but why the closet switch? And painting a wall sounds like a GREAT idea!!!

  9. You are so funny. So, maybe I missed it since I've been gone for a month, but why the closet switch? And painting a wall sounds like a GREAT idea!!!