December 4, 2009

The six most hated words in the English language...and more mean mom stuff

"Did ya do my iTunes, Ma?"

(Okay - first of all, when did I become "MA?"  CANNOT stand that!)

Why, you ask, do I hate this question so very much? 

Because, before I let Man-Child buy; I check the lyrics.

This time it wasn't so bad.  There were only three songs.

But usually there are about 20 songs and it takes about 100 years to check on all of them! 

And you know what?  Usually, the songs he's trying to get by me? 

Ummmm, ain't going to fly.

Yes, I realize that some of what we listened to was "racy."  But you know what?  I didn't realize just how "racy" it was until I was MUCH older (maybe because I was just naive - but I don't think so).  And, do you know why that was???

Because most of the songs we heard used euphenisams and weren't quite so explicit.

The songs he wants are EXPLICIT and then some!

Any songs that denegrate women - gone!.

Any songs that denegrate the police - gone!

Any songs that glorify murder, drugs, gang-life, etc. - gone!

What does that leave you might wonder.  Not as much as he'd like; but still plenty.  And, it gives him an eclectic taste in music (at least as far as his peers go.  How many 15 year olds do you know that like Frank Sinatra, Arrowsmith, Kid Rock (the tamer stuff), Toby Keith - and whoever the rap star of the day is??)

I'm not so hard core that if it's a little bit racy I delete.  But there is racy and then there is explicit.

He tells me over and over how "it's just a song" and that it won't change "who he is" and he's probably right.  But in the meantime....why should I take that chance?  He is mine to monitor - so monitor I will.

Yes, I'm a mean mom....but you know what??  I absolutely revel in that label.


  1. You are too funny. This blog reminds me of myself so much. I worked by the same set of rules as you. Parenting is a 24 hour job, 7days a week. Good job MOM - the kids will appreciate it one day, they really will. Mine are 24 and 22 and wonderful young adults. I truly believe it is because their dad and I were always two steps ahead of them at all times. Shocked the hell out of them at times, that was fun!

  2. Nothing worse than youngest son singing along to Snoop dog in the car .. you are so right lyrics are out of control.. I am sure they dont listen properly or maybe I am judging them on myself but sublimely it will surely get through a little.
    But Tv can be as bad South Park and Family guy LOL I didnt realise until it was "Mum .. what is Jack off?"

  3. I agree that lyrics nowdays can be terrible....and now I feel even more inadequate because I NEVER do this. I totally agree that they are a lot to blame for the lack of respect a lot of children are growing up with.
    On top of coming over here to discipline my children you are now going to get the extra job of vetting my children's song purchases. ;0)


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