December 18, 2009

And I thought I was busy....(and it's SNOWING - real snow, not just ice!)

You guys have totally been busy - It's taken me over an hour just to catch up on what you've all been saying (not that I'm complaining, mind you - I've taken a self-imposed sabbatical from the computer today to get stuff done; and yes, thank you very much - a lot has been accomplished).

(Before I forget - Bare-Naked-Mummy; I can't reach you any other way - so I hope you read this.  The new comment thing is gone; but I can't find the Comment button to click!!!  I've checked out my HTML and can't figure it out there - so hopefully you can figure this one out; if not email me and we'll troubleshoot together.)

Folks, you know I live in the South.  Granted, further North than when I lived in Texas.  But when it snows here (which is rare - we usually get ice since we are too far South to get snow normally) it can be an EVENT.  And when it snows before Feburary??  A HUGE EVENT.

Well, guess what.  It is snowing.  It is snowing to beat the freakin' band.  Normally, not a problem - Snow amazes me (guess that's because I'm from Texas) and I love it.  (I'm the only mom I know that was out there playing in it with Man-Child when he was small - until my first snow I never realized how WET it was (yes, I knew it was created from rain - but it looks so fluffy....) - but we had a blast sledding down hills, tossing half-formed snowballs and making deformed snowmen- don't judge I never had the experience before!  Too bad he's too cool to do that with me now...).  BUT the party is tomorrow!!  People here freak out when it rains - can you guess what they do when it SNOWS??????  They have melt-downs (and go crazy at the store buying milk and break - for what I can't imagine).

It's been snowing since about noon (and it's now about 9:45 pm).  And right now it's not just snowing.  It's GUSTING snow & sleet.  When I was out earlier I encountered at least two people in a ditch.  And two people (in different places) who just stopped in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!  (smart folks, very, very smart!).  Seriously??  What was the point in that?  Were they waiting for it to stop & melt?

I asked Hubby this morning if he wanted me to postpone the party.  He said no.  Later in the morning after hearing the forecast; I asked again.  No.  (Now between you and me - he has more to do for this party than I do since he is doing all the cooking).  So tonight as the snow is blanketing the area - he still says the party is on (well, duh - it's too late to cancel now!). 

But if you ask me - I think the party will be pretty sparse.  Cause I really don't see folks venturing out.  Driving in snow is one thing - but tonight?  All that snow is going to freeze.  And do you know what happens then?  Black ice.  Treacherous stuff (particularly when you add in Southerner's who don't know how to drive in it and Southerner's who don't know how to clear the roads).  And unless the sun comes out and melts all that ...... I'm just sayin' it could be ugly.  And kowing Hubby - he has packed in enough supplies for a full crowd.  Ah well, if we get completely snowed in at least we'll have enough party food to last us for a while (hope he remembered the wine....I'm sure I'm gonna need it!)


  1. How can it be snowing bloody there and in the east here but not in WALES.
    I have no idea what the hell has happened to my comments - I found my original template and that is back and everything else looks OK and comments are highlighted but I've no idea!!
    Can you help its becoming a bit of a nightmare now - my email is
    Thanks for the mention in the blog!

  2. As of now, it's turned into rain...

  3. It's all crisp and white here in the middle of England, I can't wait to drive home to Scotland, it must be feet deep there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OOh I love the snow, it's all crisp and white here too! I hope the party goes well, and that at least some people brave the snow, or you're not gonna need to shop for a long time what with all the extra supplies you have in!

  5. We haven't had snow in a few days, but there's snow on the ground! Hopefully the roads stay ok for you there tonight!

  6. I hope everyone manages to get to your party and that it goes really well.
    I had to venture out tonight for food in the snow and ice, wasn't fun but we now have chocolate, bacon, cakes and milk. All the we'll be okay for the next day or so. Hehe. XXX

  7. I'm sick of snow and cold already. Not a good sign. !!