November 30, 2009

More stuff to cross of my list!

Between the whole weaning process and everything else....I've been a bit stressed.

But today one of my favorite girls saved me! 

She came by this evening (in her pj's no less) to take the family picture for our freaking Christmas cards.

Why has this been stressing me you might ask?  Because in order to send out the invites for our Open House (on the 19th!  And you know you need a two week window on invites - even if you've already told everyone to save the date!) I needed to have the Christmas cards done - so that I can send them out at the same time (do you know how much postage costs these days????  And I have long lists!).

I have been struggling with the guys over this all weekend.  Tried to do it on Friday; they refused to cooperate.  Tried to do it on Sunday - they had previous plans (which, to be fair, I had forgotten about).

So today, finally!!  It is done.  I've picked out the picture to use, I've created the card and the invite, but (dammit) I've left the list at work! 

So first thing tomorrow - I will order the cards (both sets) to be delivered asap!  (Be damned the cost at this point)  (Who says work is for work?  Hell, I've worked on my mother-in-law's photo book all afternoon!!!  Ssshh!  Don't tell!  Hey company - that's what happens when you can't keep me busy with other stuff; like, you know, work!)

::sigh:: Maybe I'll sleep tonight; at least three things crossed off my list by 9:30 am tomorrow!  Yay!

BTW - thank you all for your support!  It rruly helps to know I'm not alone!  Much love!


  1. Another, Californian girl! :)...I loved your blog.

  2. You're way ahead of me honey - I haven't bought so much as a gift tag...