December 11, 2009

Wish us some luck!

I know I've mentioned that Hubby has a god-awful, horrible job that he hates.  He is overworked, under-appreciated and completely stressed.  The entire organization is toxic.  It's awful.

This job, I'm convinced, will be the death of him.  Seriously.  His blood pressure is sky-high.  I'm surprised he doesn't have an ulcer.

We continue to keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities; but as we live in a rather small city there aren't very many jobs in his field; particularly in this economy. 

So, I was cruising the internet yesterday and decided to check in on a job-listing website (I'm positive Big Brother thinks I must be looking for a new job in a field that I am no way qualified for!) and stumbled across a job that seemed to be right up Hubby's alley.  So I sent the link to Hubby; but he'd already left work - I knew he'd get it this morning and promptly forgot all about it.  So much so, I even forgot to mention it to him when I get home.  Usually, for whatever reason the jobs aren't what he's looking for anyway.

When I got to work this morning and logged on there was an email from Hubby asking me to submit his resume - which being the wonderful wife I am - I did first thing.

Within an hour, I received a response asking for Hubby to complete an application and asking if he'd be available for a phone interview this afternoon!  It took some shuffling to get the application completed and signed and sent - but it was done.  The interview was to take place sometime this afternoon.

Whether or not it has, I don't know.  This was a crazy evening with all of us going our separate ways almost immediately upon arriving home.  Now that I'm home Hubby is fast asleep on the couch.  I'd wake him but I know what kind of day he's had - so I'll have to contain my curiousity.  Somehow.

Now here's were you come in - start sending your thoughts, vibes, prayers, or whatever this way - because this man needs a different job before a) he loses his mind or b) I become a widow because of the stress-levels - and y'all???  I'm too young to be a widow!

In other news - I am soooo into countdown mode!!  Only three more work days until I'm free until the end of the year!  Whoo-Hoo!!!  No, my job isn't as stressful as Hubby's - but I sure could use a vacation. 

Unfortunately, I will only get one day to myself before Man-Child's school lets out for the holidays - BUMMER!  Yes, I'm a Bad Mom!  I have already informed him that there will be days when I want to be ALONE.  Too bad he's far too old for daycare.....::sigh::  Back when he was young enough for day-care I would use my days off to finish decorating, shop, clean, do whatever I needed to do.  Then when he was old enough to stay home - I could still do most of those things and still have time to myself and get shopping done - because he refused to go shopping with me (which I almost don't blame him; going shopping with me can sometimes be an exhausting experience...). 

But now that he's got his permit....forget it.  He wants to go EVERYWHERE with me - just so he can drive.  ::sigh::  He almost took out a corner of the McDonald's the other morning.  And when I let out a huge gasp he got mad at me!! It's not like I'm the one who almost crashed through a building!!  He informed me that I would be the reason he wrecks - because of my reactions!!  How is that for rationale?  I see a building looming over the front end of my car - but I'm supposed to sit by quietly and not react?  I can't wait till he's teaching his kids to drive - oh how I will laugh and laugh and then laugh some more.  And then remind him of all that he put me through!


  1. I send masses and masses of luck to you both from over the pond.
    Love from your auntie xxxxx

  2. I hope it's good news.
    As for man child....make the most of it as I expect once he gets his license they'll be no stopping him.
    Mine are ALL off school now!! :0(

  3. 1. I quit the Postal Service/Mailman because of the stress. My health is more important than a damn 'job'. I've been through many jobs since then and have finally obtained the one that 'works for me'. Having stated this, I know it is not an easy problem to solve. Good Luck

    2. Your "manchild" can do more without you than you/women/mothers want to realize. The less a child is 'spoiled'...the more the parent will be respected as the child gets older and looks back at how the parents loved him/her enough to 'Keep it Real' with them. Trust me.

  4. Luck is right there in that house, a wife who supports and partners, a couple who understand each other's wishes and dreams. Way to go! May all the right forces come together for your happiness.
    Best wishes.

  5. Well all available appendages are crossed for good luck for your hubby. And don't worry about your reaction with Man-Child when he's driving. I react that way with grown people who have been driving for years when I'm in the passenger seat sometimes. :)

  6. Ooh keeping fingers crossed for your hubby's job!!! And kids driving?? I cant even begin to think about that. SC can drive at the age of four but only me up the wall on bad days!