August 6, 2009

The Pressure is On

I was utterly, utterly delighted to log in to this humble little blog this morning to discover that overnight I had acquired, not one, but TWO new followers. I even did a little happy dance right at my desk. Yes, my co-workers looked at me a little funny – but you know what? They do that even when I am behaving perfectly normal.

After the initial glow I started to get anxious. I mean OMG!! Now I feel like whatever I put down has to have meaning! What are their expectations? What if I get ::gasp:: blog-block? (Try saying that one fast three times!) What if they realize that whatever I have to say is utter dreck? That I’m not as cool as I like to think?

When I started on this lovely adventure, I never expected anyone to find their way to my little world. And now, I have FOUR followers friends. Oh, the pressure!

Does this mean that I have to say something every, single day?

After my mini-panic attack (and hyperventilating) I calmed down enough to ask myself – Self, what is your problem? Why are you getting so worked up? What did you start blogging for anyway – fame, fortune, recognition? No (although a little fortune wouldn’t be a bad thing!). Self, you began to blog because of all the words in your head had to go somewhere. And yes, maybe some of those words might do some good to someone.

And then I began to realize that these lovely people are following along because they want to. Apparently, whatever I have to say is at the very least, minimally, interesting to someone other than myself. And that is utterly AWESOME!

So before I go off to my little corner and begin to worry some more – because yes, I am insecure; I would like to throw out a great big welcome to my new friends – Moms Web and to Sandy. Thank you so much for venturing into my crazy little world. I also want to thank Liz and Chic Mama for tuning in as well. You guys are great and I really appreciate you being here.



  1. Anyone that would do the happy dance for new followers deserves even more : ) Yay for you! I love your name. I called my best friend in high school GiGi. I miss her.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and becoming a new friend - adding to my anxiety! :-) I will stop by and see you soon!!

  3. I tried saying it three times- Yep, its hard. LOL!! ;0)

  4. I get wicked excited when I get followers. It's ridiculous. Christmas-like. BLOGMAS!

    And I could barely say Blog-block once. *sigh*

    Visiting from Mama Kat's blog. Have a wonderful day!!

  5. Yes, the pressure is on...just joking! You're right, I'm following you because I want to and it is MY PLEASURE to follow you in your little corner of blog land. Just the fact that you have a teenage boy allowed a connection with you. Mothers of teens need all the help we can get (smile). Have a great weekend!

  6. No kidding moms of teens need help! Lots and lots of help!! And whoever would have guessed that teenage boys have wild mood swings too?