August 14, 2009

I did it!

Okay – it’s stupid to post about stuff like this – but if I don’t it stays in my brain.  And if I kept all this stuff in my brain then there wouldn’t be room left for the important stuff.  Stuff like where did I put my keys?  Any of the millions of passwords I have for everything (how did we exist before we had passwords?)  The grueling schedule of Man-Child – where he needs to be and when and what do you mean I have to pick him up at 10:00 pm – he’s your child too!

So I took the plunge and figured out Twitter.  I know, I know it’s just one more technological thing to take me away from real life.  But if it goes anything like my Facebook and MySpace pages then it will be quiet and dusty.  I’m sure my friends on those pages are convinced I’m dead since I rarely, if ever, update.  Heck, about the only reasons I even go to Facebook anymore is to check out what Man-Child is up to and to play Lexulous (if you are a word game junkie – check it out!!  You can play the scrabble-like game with friends or by yourself – I’m a nerd, I know.  So quit the snickering).

So now when I’m bored at work – I can tell you immediately.  When I’m bored at home – I can tell you immediately.  When my hair is on the frizzy-side I can complain to you immediately!  (BTW, Chic Mama I tried something different last night – and when I picked MC up from practice the first thing he said was “What’s up with your hair?  You look like the Bride of Frankenstein!”  Nice; real nice – way to stay on mom’s good side.)

So now you have access to me all the freakin’ time.  Aren’t you excited?  Well you should be.  I mean really.  To be able to “hear” what goes on in my head – you should feel honored.

But then, eventually, it’ll be like Facebook and Myspace all over again – then you can enjoy the thoughts in your own head – instead of mine.



  1. Sorry about your hair- oops!
    'Scuse the late reply re signature- go to Make it then copy it somewhere. Go to formatting and then paste it into the post template and voila it will appear, fingers crossed, in every post. I would keep the signature somewhere else though incase you delete by accident.

    Twitter- I was a bit scared at first too- I have a big following now as the 'real' me but it has has been a great help to me. I just love it.Must admit neglected 'real me' a bit now doing this blogging. ;0)

  2. I'm afraid of twitter. I fear that there is not enough interesting going on in my head!!

    Love your blog:)