August 14, 2009

Friday Ramblings - with a side of wine . . .

So, I've figured out Twitter - kind of. Still can't figure out how to reply to a "tweet" on my phone. Oh well, I guess I've got all of Monday for that; since I spent most of today figuring out the first part (can you tell I haven't been very busy at work lately?).

Still can't get the blasted signature thing to work. Thank you Chic Mama for getting me to the right place anyway. I just can't figure out where to drop the html in. I guess I've got most of tomorrow for that.

Bride of Frankenstein hair - with any luck this will be dealt with tomorrow as I have an appointment with my fantabulous hair stylist (who I keep trying to bribe to move in with me and do my hair daily - he continues to refuse. Even after I offered to let his partner come with! AND that I'd have hubby fix dinner for him every night - go figure). I plan on telling him to do what he wishes (except for a pixie - did that once. ::shudder:: never again!). I figure if I start over maybe I'll have better luck. But that is just whistling Dixie - because living in NC in the summer with the humidty (which is still WAY better than the humidity in TX) . . . plus the older I get the crazier my hair seems to get. Hmmm, me too for that matter. Huh. Wonder if there's a connection there?

Also wanted to share a random quote from Man-Child. I tried and I tried to write a post around it - but it just wouldn't gel. You may not find it as funny as I did, since you probably had to be there, but it's my blog so I'll share anyway. Are you ready? He said . . .

"I'm not a snot; I'm just obnoxious."

Hilarious, right? That's him; always with a comeback or the last word since the day he could speak. I had just told him to quit being a snot and that was his rejoinder. I was literally speechless for all of two seconds. Amazing, I know. This is the same child that just told me "Way to strategize, mom!" While I was playing solitare - really??? Do I need this kind of harassment?

The other random quote I have to share comes directly from the book, How to Have a Better Kid by Friday written by Dr. Kevin Leman. I so wish I had this book when M-C was small! But it is also very helpful for teenagers as well - no I am not being paid to endorse this book - but believe me I would!! Hmmmm, in fact, it might make a good gift to a few people I know. . . oh, but I digress. I do that a lot - or so hubby tells me. In fact, both he and M-C claim that it's very hard to follow a conversation with me. I truly don't know where they get that idea.


Anyway, I was talking to a fellow co-worker - who also has a teenage boy - but is the one who isn't firm and needs to throw down a few rules. And she was complaining about her son and how he thinks he rules the roost, etc. Well, after our conversation, I pulled out the book (which she had borrowed - and probably needs to borrow again!) and was looking through the index about defiance, etc. and found this fabulous quote. Ready, it's a great one.

"An unhappy child is a healthy child."

I freakin' love that. Of course, I shared it with her. Because kids NEED boundaries. The really truly do. I also informed her that she could try what many of my other friends do when their kids act up - which is to tell them that they need to come live with me for a while. For some reason, that seems to straighten their kids right up. I don't know where I get this reputation from. M-C claims innocence in spreading these horrible rumors about me - but I don't buy it - I feel sure he is telling all the other children I'm evil. Even my god-son doesn't want to come spend the night here.

Hubby will be participating in the Men Can Cook charity event tomorrow - which benefits our local Women's Resource Center. So, if I can figure out a way to make a post out of it - you'll get all the details tomorrow (or Sunday, or Monday) - maybe with a picture or two thrown in. He is making penne pasta with a fabulous vodka sauce - yum! The house is smelling delicious right about now.

Meanwhile, I am going to retire to the back porch with a lovely glass of chardonnay (or two, maybe three) and see if I can beat my score in Lexulous.


  1. I don't care for reading long posts, but you have a way of keeping my attention. Thanks so much for sharing the reality of having a teenager. It reminds me that I'm not alone. Hope you enjoyed your wine!

  2. Momsweb - what a nice thing to say. Thank you. I know I tend to ramble - hence the blog title! LOL.