August 25, 2009

Husbands and Technology

My darling hubby.  What can I say about him?

When he finally decided to learn how to use the computer I was delighted.  He’s finally moving out of the dark ages.

But, I soon discovered I’d rather he never picked up the mouse in the first place.  I became his “help desk.” 

I can’t tell you how many phone calls I’ve received at work asking me how to attach documents, how to enlarge fonts, how to change the color of the fonts . . . And not just once either, oh no.  I would get the same phone calls over and over.  Do you realize how challenging it is to walk a newbie through this stuff over the phone?  Especially when you’ve never seen how his computer at work is set up?  And they are using programs that you don’t even have on yours?  For a while there, every time I saw his number pop up on the caller id I’d answer it “Help Desk.”  I truly should have sent him a bill for my time.  Hell, my employer should have sent him a bill for time!

Then he learned how to create a playlist of songs and play them on the laptop at home.  He also seems to be deaf.  So he would turn up the speakers very loud.  I explained to him repeatedly that laptop speakers are crap and he was going to blow them out.  Man-Child told him the same thing repeatedly.  Well guess what happened?

The speakers went.  I scolded hubby – much to Man-Child’s delight since for once he wasn’t on the receiving end.

Last night – the speakers miraculously began to work again.  I was delighted.  I turned them all the way down so hubby wouldn’t know.  It was going to be my little secret.  Man-Child came to me out of the blue and asked me if the speakers were working again since he’d heard a “ping” the other day.  I told him yes, but then made him promise not to tell his dad.  This does not make me a bad mom.  Does it?  Bad wife, maybe.


  1. LOL I think this is must have been how Hubby felt when I came out of the dark ages!!

  2. I'm still coming out of the dark ages!! They'll be no stopping him soon.